In line with the 2022 World Environment Day campaign #OnlyOneEarth, the Endangered Wildlife Trust would like to encourage youth to explore careers in conservation during June 2022, South Africa’s youth month. With only one Earth to call home, it’s in everyone’s best interest to invest in its wellbeing. And why not have fun and feel great doing it?!

Exploring careers for youth in wildlife conservation

Keen on a career in conservation?

A career in conservation doesn’t necessarily mean a scientific job, but any role that contributes to the conservation of nature, including as part of support services like finance or communications. We want to highlight less obvious career opportunities in the wildlife and environmental sector – drawing more young people into the economy, helping the government fight unemployment, and getting more young people to take transformative action to celebrate, protect, and restore our planet.

You don’t have to be a scientist to work for the EWT

Working in natureMany young people would never consider a career working with wildlife if they did not study biological sciences. But it turns out you don’t need to be a scientist, a frog expert, or have an MSc in carnivore ecology to help conserve our one and only Earth. There are many of us here who went a different route – lawyers, graphic designers, accountants, human resources managers, photographers, IT technicians, public relations practitioners, grounds keepers, and more. The key to making it here is looking in the right places. And for those who still have the opportunity to choose what to study, there are many conservationists to follow for guidance. If you want to work for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the best way is to look at all the different paths our staff have taken to become conservationists.

Find out how you can get a job in conservation

Some EWTers have taken it upon themselves to share their journeys to conservation with you throughout youth month to raise awareness and get more young people interested in conservation. In this way, we can build our capacity and strengthen our ability to save species, conserve habitats, and benefit people. Keep an eye on our social media pages to find out how you can embark on a career in conservation.

Kedibone Chauchau
PR and Marketing Coordinator
Dr Jeanne Tarrant
Threatened Amphibian Programme Manager – also dubbed “the frog lady”
Matt Pretorius
Wildlife and Energy Programme Senior Field officer
Wildlife and Law Project Officer Obeid is an admitted attorney specialising in Biodiversity Conservation Law
Richard Berridge
Here’s what it took Richard to become a grant officer in conservation
Rotondwa, Research Intern for the Soutpansberg Protected Area Programme
recently received his FGASA qualification to guides hikers on The Old Salt Trail
Conservation Canine Handler Sean joined the military straight out of school, and still ended up in conservation.
Sengani is one of the Soutpansberg Protected Area Programme’s Rangers.
Sengani spends his time clearing alien trees and conducting anti-poaching patrols in Medike Nature Reserve
Thabo Hlatshwayo is our Wildlife and Transport Programmme Intern
Ashleigh Dore is a non-practising attorney and the .Project Manager of the EWT’s Wildlife and Law Project
Bradley Gibbons is the Highland Grassland Field Officer for the African Crane Conservation Programme
Carina Bruwer is a Wildlife and Law Project Officer
Cole DuPlessis is our Wild Dog Range Expansion Project Coordinator & KZN Regional Carnivore Coordinator
Erin Adams is a Conservation Science Officer
Esther Matthew is a Specialist Conservation Officer for the Drylands Conservation Programme. Esther also trained Jessie, one of our scent detection dogs
Danielle du Toit Studied Game Ranch management and is now a Vulture Safe Zone Research Intern
Grant Beverly is the EWT’s Lowveld Regional Coordinator for the Carnivore Conservation Programmer
Lindy Thompson is our Vulture Conservation and Research Project Coordinator
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