People in Conservation

Over the years, the EWT has developed a range of initiatives to address the needs of people living in the areas in which we operate, with projects ranging from the development of climate resilient agriculture and livelihood activities such as beekeeping, to reducing human wildlife-conflict, poaching, and other human activities that lead to the loss of species and their habitats. We work with people from all sectors of society to address threats to species and their habitats and, in the process, improving environmental health.

The People in Conservation Programme was established in 2019 to strengthen these efforts, and to enable the EWT to develop a more integrated and holistic approach to incorporating people into conservation in order to improve outcomes for both people and the environment. We empower people to take action to reduce their environmental footprints and contribute to conservation through education and awareness, targeted strategies to address conservation challenges and improve human well-being, and equity and environmental justice.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Guardians of the Future education initiative
• Biodiversity stewardship
• Livelihoods
• Climate resilient agriculture
• Anti-poaching

For more information, contact Dr Jenny Botha

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