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African Crane Conservation Programme

The four threatened crane species of Africa are our ambassadors for the conservation of catchments containing wetland and grassland ecosystems that provide us with essential goods and services. Their iconic and charismatic nature appeals to the public and creates a doorway for collaborative conservation.

Working in partnership with the International Crane Foundation (ICF), our joint programme goal is to secure and improve the conservation status of Africa’s four resident crane species by reducing threats to wetland and grassland habitats upon which they depend. We achieve this through conservation actions that effectively reduce threats to the species and their habitats, working closely with local communities and key national and global stakeholders. We empower individuals, community groups and organisations to manage catchments for the benefit of both people and cranes, ensuring that conservation is mainstreamed into local decision making and practices for sustainable species and habitat conservation impacts.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Drakensberg Regional Project, South Afric
• Highveld Regional Project, South Africa
• Western Cape Project, South Africa
• Liuwa Plains Project, Zambia
• Kafue Flats Project, Zambia
• Bangweulu Swamps Project, Zambia
• South Western Uganda Project
• South Central Uganda Project
• Western Kenya Project
• Rugezi Marsh Project
• African Crane Trade Project
• Research for Conservation Planning / Project Feasibility
• AEWA Grey Crowned Crane Single Species Action Plan

Target species:

• Blue Crane
• Grey Crowned Crane
• Wattled Crane
• Black Crowned Crane

For more information contact Kerryn Morrison or Tanya Smith


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