Wildlife and Energy Programme

Our purpose is to reduce the impact of energy infrastructure on wildlife.

Energy infrastructure can have a devastating effect on wildlife. We believe we can have a positive influence on the wildlife management policies of utilities, reduce the impact on wildlife, improve quality of supply to customers and ultimately phase out problematic processes and hardware to substantially minimise wildlife interactions with electricity infrastructure in Africa.
We achieve this through the following projects:

• Eskom/EWT Strategic Partnership: Generation, Transmission and Distribution
• Eskom/EWT Strategic Partnership: Training
• Eskom/EWT Strategic Partnership: Research
• Eskom/EWT Strategic Partnership: Renewable Energy
• Off the Grid
• Conservation Drones

Target species:

• Lesser Flamingo
• Ludwig’s Bustard
• Blue Crane
• Martial Eagles
• Vultures
• Other birds and wildlife affected by energy infrastructure

For more information, contact Lourens Leeuwner

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