Urban Conservation Project

Our purpose is to encourage urban residents to rediscover their link to nature, and to conserve and reduce threats to biodiversity and the remaining green spaces in urban areas, for the benefit of people and wildlife, now and into perpetuity.

Many urban people have forgotten that no matter where we live, we are completely reliant on the natural environment and the vital services it provides for our survival. Studies have shown that people who live in or near green areas have better physical and mental health. We aim to reconnect people with the natural environment and help them to see that they are part of the larger ecosystem, and that it is their responsibility to protect it. We want to show people the direct link between a healthy environment, healthy people and a healthy economy, to ensure that current and future generations are fully able to experience all the benefits and wonder of wildlife and the natural environment – both in cities and outside of them.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Guardians of the Future
• Living Cities
• Gauteng Biodiversity Stewardship Programme

For more information, contact Emily Taylor

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