Drylands Conservation Programme

The Drylands Conservation Programme…
…should prevent extinction since the drylands represent unique habitats and species across multiple biomes. The drylands of southern Africa talk as much about the past of species and people as they do to the future of both.
…can prevent extinction as we are committed, motivated and innovative. We are a beacon of hope in the drylands.

…does prevent extinction, as we embody Conservation in Action!
Approximately 60% of South Africa is classified as semi-arid and will be severely affected by climate change and proposed unsustainable developments. The Drylands Conservation Programme aims to promote, sustain, secure and restore the ecological integrity of outstanding drylands biodiversity. We will do this by working with landowners, communities and partners. We will celebrate our flagship species and landscapes. Our approach is inclusive, pragmatic, innovative and science-based, and promotes the sharing of knowledge for a more sustainable approach to managing drylands for the benefit of ecosystems, habitats, species and human communities.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Karoo Sustainable Land Management
• Karoo Ecosystem Restoration
• Riverine Rabbit Conservation Initiative
• Social Support Projects

Target habitats and species:

• Riparian areas in the Nama and Succulent Karoo
• Riverine Rabbit

For more information, contact Cobus Theron

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