The EWT is saving species through five programmes dedicated to understanding the population statuses for species of concern, the threats to their survival, and what we can all do to reduce these threats and conserve our most precious and endangered wildlife species

The EWT, in partnership with the International Crane Foundation (ICF), is saving the four threatened crane species of Africa as ambassadors for the conservation of catchments containing wetland and grassland ecosystems that provide us with essential goods and services. Their iconic and charismatic nature appeals to the public and creates a doorway for collaborative conservation.

Our purpose is to ensure that viable in situ raptor populations forever soar the African skies and across its landscapes. We are committed to saving southern Africa’s threatened birds of prey and the spaces they inhabit. Through our applied research and conservation of birds of prey, we preserve the irreplaceable ecosystem services they provide and synergistically safeguard their habitats that support not only the integrity and lives of other wildlife, but people too.

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Our purpose is to boldly prevent carnivore extinction in southern Africa.

Carnivores are one of the most charismatic yet threatened orders and require innovative strategies to ensure their survival. We boldly implement large-scale, collaborative, field-based projects to increase the range, numbers and status of Africa’s threatened carnivores. We achieve this by re-establishing, maintaining and expanding safe space for carnivores, actively reducing threats to carnivore survival and persistence, ensuring positive changes in human-based values to carnivores, and supporting legislation to protect carnivores. We should, we can, we do save carnivores.

We urgently need to reduce the imminent and real risk of extinction in African vultures through effective intervention and focus on the most significant threat facing these birds, which is wildlife poisoning.

The purpose of the Wildlife in Trade Programme is to reduce trade-related threats that impact on the survival of wild animals and plants.

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