Threatened Grassland Species Programme

Grassland species and habitats are widely threatened by mining, agriculture and urban development. The Threatened Grassland Species Programme implements conservation action, research, capacity building and partnerships towards ensuring the resilience of grassland species, their habitats and the vital ecosystem services these provide to society.

The Threatened Grassland Species Programme implements conservation action for priority grassland species. Through this action, we maintain resilience of ecosystem services provided by grasslands to ensure food and water security for society. These services include water supply and quality, soil fertility, clean air and carbon sequestration.

We inspire and empower landowners to take ownership of conservation-friendly land management on their properties using threatened, endemic and specialist grassland species as flagships.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Highland Grassland Conservation
• Oribi Conservation
• KZN Cycad Conservation

Target habitats and species:

• Highland grasslands of the Free State and Mpumalanga
• Grasslands of KwaZulu-Natal, southern Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape
• Sungazer
• Botha’s Lark
• Yellow-breasted Pipit
• Oribi
• 13 species of cycads

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