The EWT is conserving habitats through three programmes dedicated to reducing habitat loss and improving the ecological integrity of threatened habitats through rehabilitation, restoration, and sustainable land management.

The EWT Drylands Conservation Programme (DCP) aims to promote, secure, and restore the ecological integrity of outstanding drylands biodiversity by working with landowners, communities, and partners and celebrating our flagship species and landscapes across the vast Karoo. Learn more about these fascinating threatened ecosystems and the wonderful wildlife that occupy them.

South Africa’s Soutpansberg Mountains are filled with endemic species and ecosystems from five different biomes. The Soutpansberg Protected Area (SPA) forms the core area of the UNESCO Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, which also includes the northern Kruger National Park and Mapungubwe National Park and Cultural Landscape. Less than 1% of the Soutpansberg is formally conserved and there is a critical need to expand this. Learn more about the EWT’s work to conserve these magical mountains.

Amphibians are the most threatened vertebrates on Earth, with 41% of species assessed by the IUCN Red List as being at risk of extinction. Almost 30% of our 135 South African frog species are considered threatened.

Through its Threatened Amphibian Programme (TAP), the EWT is the only South African NGO focusing full-time on frog conservation. Read about how the EWT is using threatened species as flagships to conserve critical habitats and the ecosystem services they provide.

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