Conservation Strategy 2012 – 2017

The EWT’s conservation strategy aligns the organisation’s core objectives and goals with its Mission and Vision and with the broader framework of external issues and pressures. The strategy remains dynamic, with revisions undertaken on an annual basis.


The 6 Strategic Imperatives of the EWT’s Conservation Strategy are:

1. Identify human-induced threats and the affected species in order to halt or reverse species decline.
2. Ensure that the viability of threatened habitats and ecosystems is maintained.
3. Develop innovative, economically viable alternatives to address harmful impacts to the benefit of people and biodiversity.
4. Increase awareness and mainstream environmental considerations into the daily lives of people and decision makers.
5. Explore and develop opportunities for mentorship and capacity building within the conservation sector.
6. Provide a leadership role in ensuring efficient and adequate implementation, compliance and enforcement of conservation legislation.