Painted Wolf Wines is based in Paarl, South Africa and was founded in 2007 by Emma and Jeremy Borg, with conservation at the core of the company. PWW is dedicated to the production of authentic, distinct, and delicious wines, and to the conservation of painted wolves (African Wild Dogs) and their natural habitat. The company donates 4–5% of their turnover to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).

Jeremy and Emma Borg, founders of Painted Wolf Wines

The Painted Wolf Wines pack lives by the mantra ‘Remarkably persistent, persistently remarkable’. And they have once again lived up to their mantra during a very difficult time, particularly for wine makers in South Africa.

PWW received enormous support from the public during the phase four lock down period, with a significant number of orders being placed for delivery in June. Through these sales, they were able to donate R20,000 to the EWT and specifically towards our African Wild Dog project headed up by Cole du Plessis. Cole is the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project Coordinator and KZN Regional Carnivore Coordinator.

Cole du Plessis from EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Programme relocating an African Wild Dog.

Painted Wolf Wines has been donating to conservation in southern Africa since the establishment of the company in 2007. For the past 11 years, their sales in southern and east Africa have helped to support the EWT. As a major supplier to the safari lodges and the hospitality sector, they were faced with the potential of having to reduce their donations. However, with any sales direct to the public, they were able to increase their per bottle donation, and this will be ongoing.

Cole du Plessis says Painted Wolves (African Wild Dogs) have written their very own underdog story. A history of deliberate persecution, habitat fragmentation, snaring and disease are some of the threats that have certainly knocked away at the species, but they keep fighting back. The EWT and Painted Wolf Wines continue to work together in this fight. There are however no short-term solutions. We have to mitigate the ongoing threats, raise their profile, and expand their range to increase the population numbers. If we can create this platform for them, then we can leave it to South Africa’s most endangered carnivore to do the rest. Their intelligence, resilience and pack cohesion certainly make them capable of that. Thank you, Painted Wolf Wines, for your support in sticking by the Painted Wolves and for doing your part in saving the species.”

Emma Borg (far right) and other enthusiasts out in the field with Cole (to her right)