Will you accept the challenge to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution, and go plastic free this July? 

Plastic poses significant health risks to wildlife and humans and causes severe damage to our natural environment. With simple daily swaps, each one of us can make a difference, and the more others see you using reusable bags, refusing to use straws, or recycling, the more they are likely to start changing their own behaviour. You can be a changemaker in your community. To help you reduce your plastic use, our SUPA new range of plastic-free, reusable products will save you money long-term, and contribute towards reducing the burden plastic places on the planet. Check out the SUPA range here – eco-friendly convenience at the click of a button:

We’ve got your back this winter with our snug winter woolies and ferocious facemasks.

Whether you’re at home or at work, our new range of awesome masks and stylish but comfortable winter clothes are just what you need to stay safe and warm, while helping our team to do the same as they defend our wildlife!