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Discovering the Old Salt Trail

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Soutpansberg Protected Area Programme has established a multi-day hiking trail across the Western Soutpansberg.
Our team has been working with these properties’ owners in a truly collaborative effort to establish a world-class trail within the proposed Western Soutpansberg Nature Reserve.

Grass Owls – a story of hope

I joined a colleague, Rebo Rachuene from our Birds of Prey Programme, in the field to monitor a grass owl site. Rebo and his colleagues have been monitoring this site for over ten years.

A fond farewell

The EWT has been my home for most of my professional life: I have learned so much and had so many rich and unique experiences. It has been wonderful to have worked in an organisation that is both strategic and yet quick to respond, is science-led and credible and yet constantly embraces new ideas, and where co-workers quickly become friends

Leaving a legacy of life – Remembering Melanie Kwan

On 2 May three years ago, Melanie Kwan passed on but made sure that the EWT was included in her will. Her nephew Jayden, aged 12, wrote these wonderful words of tribute to Melanie.