Wear your support on your sleeve

The New-style string bracelets from Relate are now in stock at our E-shop!

CCJ Talk 10 October

You are invited to attend a talk by award-winning wildlife photographer, Nicholas Dyer. Nick will be talking about his experiences photographing and following the baboon-hunting wild dogs of Mana Pools while on foot.

Rhino Peak Challenge

The Rhino Peak Challenge (RPC) is a unique conservation fundraiser that’s been held annually since 2015.

Wild Dogs are back in Tembe Elephant Park

Two years ago, Tembe Elephant Park came close to losing their African Wild Dog population for this reason. The resident pack at the time continued to exit the park over a prolonged period and caused livestock losses within the community, which in turn led to extreme conflict between Tembe Elephant Park and its neighbours. The resolution lay in a gathering of all stakeholders – comprising Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the Tembe Community Trust, the EWT, Tembe Safaris and Wildlife ACT – to collectively find a way forward.