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A word from the CEO – July 2020

The coronavirus or COVID-19 global pandemic has affected every aspect of life as we know it.

Shop for plastic free July

To help you reduce your plastic use, our SUPA new range of plastic-free, reusable products will save you money long-term.

Wild Chats – August

Join us for two exciting Wild Chats this month!

A word from the CEO – June 2020

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of social media posts around some proposed regulatory changes that would, if implemented, have a significant impact on the future management, wellbeing, and conservation value of our wildlife resources in South Africa.


A woman’s place is everywhere

Look out for our Women’s Month edition in August, as we celebrate the many essential roles women play in each of our lives.

Where women are given the rights over their own bodies; where they have political independence; where they have medical facilities to enable them to control the number of children they bear; where they are literate; where they have the vote; When those things happen, the birth rate falls. And that is a great start so that should be a lesson to us as to why we should send more help and not less to the parts of the world that face those problems.”

​-  David Attenborough.