Christmas is closer than you think

Christmas is sooner than you think! Buy your gifts from us and support conservation

Balwin’s charity hat walk

Join us at Balwin’s charity hat walk on 1 December

Our pack is on the move! And this time, we are denning for good.

Our pack is on the move and, by the end of 2019, the EWT will be setting up home for the last time. A home that offers refuge, sanctuary, and safety for wildlife and wildlife lovers far and wide, and which will catalyse life-changing moments for decades to come.

Habitat study helps solve the puzzle

The EWT’s Drylands Conservation Programme recently joined forces with Dr Sue Milton, Karoo ecologist and botanist, to characterise Riverine Rabbit habitat in the Succulent Karoo and Renosterveld. Our aim is to understand the exact habitat requirements of Riverine Rabbits in the southern- and eastern populations.