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News from our CEO

Hello EWT supporters

Reflections of the last few years don't necessarily reveal positive trends for our natural world, but for the organisations whose purpose is to protect and conserve our environment, it has been an interesting journey. From where I sit as the EWT CEO, the increasing pressures facing our natural resources and the rapidly declining state of our natural systems, have been partly responsible for catalysing greater partnership development and collaboration around key issues among NGOs in the conservation sector. Other factors too have played a role to bring like-minded organisations around the table more in the pursuit of common goals. These vary and include declining financial resources, improved trust, a desire to share knowledge, capacity and skills and an overall greater acknowledgement that 2 is bigger than 1. The benefits have been powerful and it would seem, from the regular feedback on the Environment magazine, that these collaborative efforts are pleasing to you too!

The magazine is a case in point. Our debates and discussions when the partners meet to plan each edition, allow us to all shares views and ideas, compare projects and activities, invite input and collaboration and openly discuss the challenges facing each of us. On the surface, a magazine may result, but so much more is being built behind the scenes.

The Climate Action Partnership has seen 8 large conservation NGOs in South Africa working towards the same goal of driving climate change adaptation through sustaining healthy ecosystems and our joint efforts have boosted the capacity and effectiveness of our individual efforts enormously. Likewise, the teamwork and common approach taken by a diversity of NGOs, communities, cultural organisations and human rights groups towards protecting sensitive landscapes such as the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape and the grasslands and wetlands of SA, demonstrate that the environmental sector may indeed be diverse, but is not necessarily fragmented.

As a diversity of species is important for the planet, so is diversity within the conservation sector and we should celebrate this diversity too. So whilst we are increasingly working together, supporting each other and sharing, we also recognise the individual strengths and uniquely different character of each organisation. It is our differences that define us as much as it is our partnerships that strengthen us.

With 2011 looming, I look forward to exploring new ways in which we can expand the current network of organisations fighting to secure a healthy future for this beautiful country. Equally our partners, our members and supporters, I thank-you for your continued faith in us, and your support of our activities.

Yolan Friedmann

Project news

Teamwork saves African Wild Dog pack

A pack of African Wild Dogs was saved from possible death when the EWT was called to remove them from an electrified intensive game breeding camp containing Black Impala in Baltimore, Limpopo in October. Predators like Wild Dogs may cause financial losses to farmers and are therefore often shot on sight. However the EWT has a presence in this area and has developed good relationships with the farming community, which paid off when this framer contacted the EWT for help and did not take matters into his own hands. With between 400 and 500 African Wild Dogs remaining in South Africa, this was a giant success for South Africa's most endangered carnivore.
Contact Deon Cilliers at deonc@ewt.org.za or Kelly Marnewick at kellym@ewt.org.zafor more information.

Sniffer dogs lend a helping nose to conservation

The term "man's best friend" has long been used to describe dogs. From sheepdogs, to retrievers, from lapdogs to guard dogs, humans benefit enormously from the abilities of and the friendship offered by dogs. A project being set up by the Endangered Wildlife Trust is using sniffer dogs to help with research and conservation. Soon 'Snoopy' the Weimaraner will be using his carcass-finding skills to help on an upcoming project looking at wildlife killed on South Africa's roads, while 'Gala', a Belgian Malinois, will be helping to survey the Yellow-Breasted Pipit in the Highveld grasslands.
Contact Rox Brummer at roxb@ewt.org.za for more information.

Verreaux's Eagles breeding South of Johannesburg

The Klipriviersberg Verreaux's Eagles first constructed their nest on a power pylon 100 m from the R59/N12 Reading Interchange East of Johannesburg. The 2007 and 2008 breeding seasons were successful and two eaglets were raised. However their nest was completely destroyed in late 2008 when somebody climbed the pylon and threw the nesting material to the ground. Boudewyn van der Lecq and Teresa Moore, with the assistance of the late Hans Meyer, and financial support of the Siyavaya Highway Construction Joint Venture, built an artificial nesting platform for the eagles in 2009. The pair moved in just four days later and the first successful breeding happened in the 2010 breeding season. The juvenile fledged on 16 August, having spent 92 days on the nest.
Contact Boudewyn van der Lecq at raptors@metroweb.co.za for more information.

Eco news

Biodiversity Summit underway in Japan

The 2010 target, adopted by more than 190 countries including South Africa, to "significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss", under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2002, is being reassessed at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Nagoya, Japan from 18-29 October 2010. Developing countries like South Africa are key to the negotiations as they contain the greatest biodiversity. Read full story...

Riverine Rabbit to benefit from ecotourism

Loxton, the base town for the Riverine Rabbit Programme, and a number of other towns in the area are now on the eco-tourism map. The Highlands Karoo Tourism Route was launched on 2nd Oct 2010 and includes Riverine Rabbit Conservancies. The project will benefit local communities and conservation. Read full story...


Conservation Week Open Day

Date: 4 November 2010
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Venue: The Endangered Wildlife Trust, The Goldfields Environmental Centre, Saxonwold
Contact Nicola Vogel on 011 486 1102 or nicolav@ewt.org.za or Tammy de Oliveira on tammyd@ewt.org.za or call 011 486 1102.

The last EWT Talk & Dinner for 2010

Speaker: Deon Cilliers
Date: 16 September 2010
Time: 10:15 am for 10:30 am
Venue: EWT's Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Programme presents Dogs Working for Conservation-Saving our Big Cats
Cost: Non-members - Talk only R55 or Talk + Dinner R160. EWT/CCJ members - Talk only R50 or Talk and Dinner R155 For more information and to RSVP please contact Nicola Vogel on 011 486 1102 or email nicolav@ewt.org.za


Wild Africa and Joy of Africa 2011 Calendars

Two beautiful wildlife calendars are available through our E-Shop this month.
EWT Members: R225.00 (including postage)
Non members: R250.00 (including postage)

Contact tammyd@ewt.org.za to place your order.

Supporter news

Dugongs in the spotlight

Raffle tickets sold in aid of Dugong conservation at October's EWT Talk & Dinner and the Bubbles and Barks Charity Event, arranged by Sandton Scuba, amounted to a generous R21 770. You too can help. Purchase a raffle ticket and donate R100 to the EWT's Dugong Emergency Protection Project. Prizes include a 3-night stay for 2 at Marlin Lodge in the Bazaruto Archipelago (including return flights on Federal Air from Johannesburg, transfers, and activities). Alternatively, SMS "Sea" to 31913, and a R10 donation will be made to the Project.
Contact Karen Allen at karena@ewt.org.za

Support for the fight against rhino poaching

On Friday, 10 September, Jacaranda FM held a telethon to raise funds to stop rhino poaching in the country. EWT ambassadors Jason Hartman and Claire Johnson from Mango Groove attended the event to help raise over R1 million on the day. Barney Simon also handed over a GPS and Camera to Faan Coetzee from EWT's Rhino Security Project.

Eco Stars

The EWT is launching an exciting new campaign aimed at South Africa's young environmental champions: Eco Stars. We already have three stars, Carlin, Liam and Kendra, actively working hand in hand with the EWT to raise awareness and funds and to spread our environmental message amongst their generation. More on this campaign soon!
Contact Nicola Vogel at nicolav@ewt.org.za

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