Volume 21Click here if you cannot view HTMLMay 2008
ED's Note

Father's Day is around the corner and what better way to make the man in your life realise just how special he is, than with amazing gifts that support the EWT! Indeed, as World Environment Day rolls around on 5 June, we all need to become more aware of our ecological footprint and what we can do to reduce it. From sunvisors to composting ideas, there's something for everyone in this month's edition of EWTalk. Go ahead, celebrate our world and the special men in our lives while supporting the glorious work done by the EWT team. - The Editor

Empowering Wild Coast Communities to take charge of their Environment

CI is funding EWT-CLG's work with three villages within the Pondoland Centre of Endemism (PCE), in the Wild Coast. The PCE is an area of 1 880 km2 with about 192 endemic plant species. The project aims to develop community environmental management plans which will later culminate in a community stewardship project.

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Written by Sinagugu Zukulu

EWT's Kerryn Morrison wins award for protection of African Cranes

Kerryn Morrison, manager of the EWT’s African Cranes, Wetlands and Communities programme (ACWAC) has been awarded the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s (PAAZAB) Conservation Award. Kerryn was recognised for her unstinting efforts to implement the African Crane Trade Project, focusing on the threats posed to Africa’s declining crane populations by the removal of cranes from the wild and illegal trade.

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Written by Kerryn Morrison

Second Annual De Beers Bike4Beasts MTB Challenge a roaring success

On 27 April 2008, 90 mountain bikers took part in the second annual De Beers BIKE4BEASTS MTB Challenge on the De Beers Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve. This adrenalin-filled cross-country event aims to raise funds for the conservation activities of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), promote awareness of the region and stimulate eco-tourism.

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Written by Marion Burger

Eco News
World Environment Day 2008

The World Environment Day slogan for 2008 is Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy. Recognising that climate change is becoming the defining issue of our era, UNEP is asking countries, companies and communities to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them. The World Environment Day will highlight resources and initiatives that promote low carbon economies and life-styles, such as improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation and eco-friendly consumption.

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The Fishing & Hunting Journal - Reading for the Thinking Outdoorsman

The Fishing & Hunting Journal is different to other magazines out there. Fishing is about a whole lot more than just catching fish and we tell the story behind the adventure. In every issue we'll take you down to the water’s edge...whether it’s casting to bonefish on a pristine saltwater flat or trying to catch a carp in your local dam. Reading The Journal is the next best thing to actually fishing.

Contact Martin Rudman on martin.rudman@tfhj.co.za or 082 330 3093 for more information.

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A Global Energy Update

Where: Country Club JHB, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
When: 10 June 2008
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Dress: Smart Casual
Cost: R 40.00 talk only for CCJ/EWT members, R 45.00 for non-members (R 138 incl. dinner for CCJ/EWT members, R 143.00 for non-members)

Dr John Ledger, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa and former EWT Director will give an illustrated talk about rapidly changing perspectives on global climate change, energy, biofuels and electric vehicles. With the oil price now above US$120 a barrel and possibly heading for $200, what are the prospects for future individual transport?

RSVP: 6 June 2008 - click here events@ewt.org.za to contact Puleng Thabaneng or phone on (011) 486 1102

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The Great Green Golf Day at Sun City

Where: Lost City Golf Club, Sun City
When: 18-19 September 2008
Time: 08:00 (registration) for 10:00
Dress: Gold attire
Cost: From R10 000 a package.

Join us for THE golfing event of the year, at the Lost City Golf Club at Sun City. Come and show your support for conservation and enjoy an unbeatable day out on one of the leading golf courses in South Africa. Get away from the city, relax and entertain your clients and staff as you take to the perfectly-maintained greens at this golfers' paradise.

RSVP: 16 June 2008 - click here events@ewt.org.za to contact Puleng Thabaneng or phone on (011) 486 1102

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Eco Facts
Tips on Organic Gardening

Brought to you by Gardenshop, this easy guide to getting started as an organic gardener will have you in the garden trying it out as soon as the weather gets warmer.

  • Improve your soil by digging in compost and mulch.
  • Make your own compost by recycling vegetable peelings, tea bags, fallen leaves and plant pruning's.
  • Prevent weeds from growing by spreading a blanket of composted bark chips across the surface of bare soil.
  • Choose naturally pest and disease resistant varieties of shrubs, vegetables and fruit.
  • Use biological controls to control many pest problems in the garden.
  • Stressed plants are vulnerable to disease, so keep them well watered.
  • Try companion planting -strongly scented flowers are planted next to edible crops to deter pests.
  • Make your garden a haven for wildlife and beneficial insects and animals will control many pests for you including slugs, aphids and snails.
  • Regular inspection of your garden and plants will help to prevent problems from getting out of hand. Accept a degree of imperfection and you'll learn to live without fertilizers and pesticides.

Various items the working groups would appreciate being donated for use by the budding Eco-Warriors in the field are:

  • Dart Gun
  • Drivable Lawnmower
  • Radio collars and GPS/GSM collates for tracking predators
  • Vehicle fridge

Our field workers often work in hard conditions with very basic equipment so they get extremely excited when we can supply them with additional equipment to make their lives easier and more efficient.

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Please contact Leighanne Imbert on (011) 486 1102 or email wishlist@ewt.org.za to organise for deliveries, and collections where necessary.

Car Sun Visor - Dolphin and Wild Dog

Now you can show your support to the EWT while parking your car and keeping it cool with the Humpback Dolphin or Wild Dog Car Sun Visor. This Sun Visor is EWT branded with the slogan 'My other rides a Humpback Dolphin' or 'You cant teach a Wild Dog new tricks' and will definately stand out in the car park and keep you car cool at the same time.

Unit Price : excluding postage and packaging

  • Members : R 95.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members : R 110.00 (Incl. Vat)

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EWT branded 4x4 Spare Wheel Covers

Just in time for Father's Day in June, you can show everyone where your heart lies with these specially branded EWT 4x4 Spare Wheel covers. Make a statement and stand out, anywhere and everywhere.

Unit Price : excluding postage and packaging

  • Members : R 350.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members : R 350.00 (Incl. Vat)

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Can-O Worms Composter

Can-O-Worms is an odourless, user-friendly composting system that allows anyone to participate in recycling. The compact, stylish design of Can-O-Worms makes it versatile and attractive enough to use anywhere - even inside! It turns your organic household waste into rich compost and liquid fertiliser. The innovative-layered design of Can-O-Worms stacking tray system allows for easy removal of the finished worm castings and worm tea (liquid fertiliser) - without having to handle the worms or decomposing organic waste. It is completely safe around children and is a great educational tool for every home.

Unit Price : excluding postage and packaging

  • Members : R 880.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members : R 880.00 (Incl. Vat)

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