Volume 18Click here if you cannot view HTMLNovember 2007
ED's Note

The year has flown by so rapidly that many of us are left blinking in confusion about where it went. I don't know about you, but I still thought I had plenty of time to get things done before the holiday break. Surprise! The year's almost gone and we're all winding down for a well-deserved break. In this last issue of EWTalk for 2007 we have a delectable selection of interesting news snippets, products and facts to keep you in the up-to-date and in the loop.

With the festive season around the corner, take the headache out of shopping for the perfect present and consider the wonderful products that EWT has to offer. Not only will you find something unique and different, you will ensure that the legacy of our amazing natural heritage will live on to see many more celebrations. Oh, but hurry - the EWT offices will be closing for over the festive season, so you only have until the 14th of December.

Join us in celebrating the progress made in conserving our glorious natural heritage and the adventures we shared. Without your continued support our jobs would have been that much more difficult. From the editorial team here at EWTalk and the people at EWT, we wish you a peaceful festive season and look forward to getting in touch with you again in the new year. - The Editor

Highlights and Special Announcements
What do Oxpeckers and Dung Beetles have in common?

Nature's tick gobbling CONNOISSEURS and dung-removal ENGINEERS have a few things in common: Threat of extinction; pesticides and acccidental poisoning.

Fortunately we can take care of ticks while caring for Oxpeckers and Dung Beetles.

That's why the Endangered Wildlife Trust's (EWT) Wildlife Conflict Prevention Group runs Operation Oxpecker to generate awareness among the agricultural community about the harmful effects of certain pesticides. We also introduce farmers to environmentally-compatible chemicals that are oxpecker and dung beetle-friendly, join forces with legislators and chemical manufacturers to increase the development of compatible products, and educate the public.

We would like to add you to our list of supporters of Mother Nature's cleaners! By donating to the EWT's Wildlife Conflict Prevention Group, you will help to ensure a bright future for Africa's Oxpeckers and dung beetles. You might even get the opportunity to observe them up close and personal during a relaxing breakaway for two at Mabalingwe.

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Lighting up the African continent – what does this mean for our wildlife?

A glance at a satellite image of the African continent at night highlights the current lack of electrification on the continent. The World Bank (African Development Indicators) estimates that less than 5% of sub Saharan Africans have access to reliable electricity. It’s hardly surprising then that increasing the access of African people to electricity has been recognised by most African leaders, forums and unions as being of top priority for the continent. This political commitment is manifesting itself in numerous new power line networks being planned and built all over the continent.

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Written by John Smalie - Field Biologist

Shocking Impacts of Electric Fences

The amount of land demarcated for game farms and conservation areas enclosed by electric fences have increased dramatically in recent years. While their contribution to the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity is immeasurable, the fencing of these small parcels of land for conservation and domestic livestock farming has raised some concerns about the negative impact of fences.

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Written by Andrew Beck

EWT Rural Eco Warrior Recognized as South African Conservation Achiever of the Year

Samson Phakati is the winner of the Endangered Wildlife Trust's (EWT) Conservation Achiever of the Year! This recognition is the highest accolade awarded to EWT staff and projects which achieve the best results and meet the high standards set by the Trust for conservation excellence. In 2003, Samson spent a season at ICF working for the Education Department. He proved to be an outstanding addition to the staff and excelled at any task he was given.

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Eco News
Electro Sense helps EWT become more Energy Efficient

Electro Sense, a company dedicated to helping the environment by encouraging South Africans to reduce their carbon footprint through a reduction in energy consumption, is proud to announce their corporate sponsorship of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). Electro Sense will be installing, in the Johannesburg office of the EWT, the innovative Electro Sense Proactive Energy Management System™. Designed to reduce energy consumption by controlling the use of lighting, the system will detect the presence of people in the EWT office building, switching lights on in only those spaces where people are present.

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Written by Gerald Pascoe

TRAFFIC Training Tracks down Illegal Trading

On 2-3 October 2007, TRAFFIC conducted a two-day training workshop in Beira, Mozambique. Funded by the Cleveland Zoological Society and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Africa Seed Grant Award programme, TRAFFIC held a workshop for delegates from Port Security, the Directorate of Provincial Co-ordination of the Environment, and an environmental NGO, Adenamo. In addition, staff of WWF-Mozambique, who assisted with many of the logistics, also attended the workshop.

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Written by Claire Patterson-Abrolat

An Inconvenient Doofus

A new e-book with 62 pages of ideas on living a greener life has just been released, but to make it as entertaining as it is informative, it's filled with beautiful photographs, anecdotes, and a liberal sprinkling of wit. But the best part is it's entirely free. You don't even have to give your name or email address as you do with so many 'free' gifts, these days. So, if you're interested in the environment or conservation, like a quirky read, or are just plain curious, please feel free to download it from www.AnInconvenientDoofus.com

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Written by Steven Walpole

Sustaining the Wild Coast by Sinagugu Zukulu from the Consdervation Leadership Group

Where: EWT HO - Goldfields Enviromental Centre, JHB Zoological Gardens, Erlswold Way, Saxonwold
When: 13 December 2007
Time: 10:00 for 10:30
Dress: Casual
Cost: R 15.00 per person

EWTea and end of year Christmas Function for our loyal retired EWT members. Since 1988, life at Xolobeni, 45 km South of Port Edward has been very peaceful for the local community who enjoyed the fruits of eco-tourism, through horse and hiking trails they operated. Sinegugu, the founder member of Sustaining the Wild Coast Campaign, now manages the EWT-Conservation Leadership Group. His spare time is spent trying to expel Australians off the Pondoland Coast. He grew up in Pondoland and the area earmarked for mining is his child hood playground. He is determined to Save and Sustain the Wild Coast.

RSVP: 10 December 2007 - click here events@ewt.org.za to contact Puleng Thabaneng or phone on (011) 486 1102

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The Cape Great Green Golf Day

Where: Arabella Country Estate Golf Course, Kogelberg, Western Cape
When: 5 June 2008
Time: TBC
Dress: Sports Attire
Cost: TBC

This inaugural Golf Day will be the Western Cape Fundraiser for 2008, just 1/2 hour from Humanus, Cape Town. Book your 4 ball with Puleng Thabaneng from Mid January 2008, when packages and prices will be available.. The perfect way to entertain your Cape Town Clients and Staff. More details to follow in the new year.

RSVP: 28 February 2008 - click here events@ewt.org.za to contact Puleng Thabaneng or phone on (011) 486 1102

Eco Facts
How to Be a Responsible Tourist

Tourism is the world's largest industry, and millions of people travel in South Africa each year. Here are five simple things you can do to ensure your next holiday in South Africa is an environmentally responsible one. Eco-Friendly Travel tips from Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA)

  • Do - chose a hotel that manages water, waste, and energy in an environmentally responsible way. Increasing numbers of hotels and lodges in South Africa recycle waste water, use environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides, and responsibly remove waste. Such establishments usually post their environmental policies and practices on their websites, or subscribe to third-party certification programmes, so do a little research before you book!
  • Do - turn off the air conditioner, the TV and all lights in your room when you leave for the day.
  • Do - avoid souvenirs made from wildlife such as jewelry or crafts made of ivory, elephant hair, shark teeth, porcupine quills, or wild animal skins. Also, try to buy directly from local crafters wherever possible.
  • Do - keep your impact to a minimum when hiking. Stick to pre-existing trails rather than wandering through wild flora.
  • Do – support establishments dedicated to the protection of indigenous plants and wildlife.

For information on responsible tourism and to view the growing list of tourism establishments that have been certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) visit www.fairtourismsa.org.za


Various items the CLG would appreciate being donated for use by the budding Eco-Warriors in the field are:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Bino's
  • Hiking back packs
  • Day packs
  • Bush parker jackets

Our Loxton office is collecting items for disadvantaged people in the surrounding community, such as clothing, blankets, books, stationery etc. If you have any unwanted items to give to this community, please contact us for delivery/collection. EWT will collate all items to send down.

Our field workers often work in hard conditions with very basic equipment so they get extremely excited when we can supply them with additional equipment to make their lives easier and more efficient.

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Please contact Leighanne Imbert on (011) 486 1102 or email wishlist@ewt.org.za to organise for deliveries, and collections where necessary.

Children's Activity Books

The Southern Africa Animal Activity Book covers topics centred around large mammals, small mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and frogs, with activities relating to an animal's food and feeding, habitat, physical characteristics, shelter, breeding and adaptations for survival. We also have the Windows to Your World Environmental Game and Activity Book - this innovative activity book has a Window Board with 52 secret windows, one for each week of the year. The board can be hung on a wall. A mystery activity is revealed as each window is opened.

Unit Price : excluding postage and packaging

  • Members - SA Animals : R 100.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members - SA Animals: R 110.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Members - Windows to your World : R 110.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members - Windows to your World : R 120.00 (Incl. Vat)

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Southern Ground Hornbill Toy

This Ground Hornbill Cuddly toy is a must for every child to identify with this endangered species. Southern Ground Hornbills are charismatic birds, easily identifiable by their appearance and signature call. Unfortunately, less than 1500 Ground Hornbills are left in South Africa. The species is classified as vulnerable in the Eskom Red Data Book of Birds of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. You can now 'adopt' a Southern Ground Hornbill cuddly toy to help support the work that the EWT does in conserving the eco-system they live in and tracking of the Ground Hornbills to ensure they have a future.

  • Members: R 100.00 (Incl. Vat)
  • Non-Members: R 110.00 (Incl. Vat)

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Discounted Lifestyles

The Endangered Wildlife Trust are offering all of our members every-day living products at discounted prices as part of our membership benefits package. This offering is provided through our partnership with Discounted Lifestyle. With discounted accommodation partners and other participating groups, EWT members can make the most of their festive holiday.

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