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Welcome to the third edition of the EWT Gifts Mailer. With Spring around the corner, why not give a loved one or friend a gift that keeps on giving. By ordering an EWT gift, you will help us to conserve a future for our environment and endangered wildlife through the % we receive from every sale. Our highlights this month:
Wild dog tracking trips

Wild dog tracking trips provide guests with an exciting opportunity to radio-track the Venetia wild dogs with the researchers on the project. These trips are conducted in the early morning or the late afternoon when the wild dogs are generally most active.

Day Trips : Wild Dog Trips - R 175.00 for adults, R 87.50 for children
Day Trips : Game Drives - R 50.00 for adults,   R 25.00 for children

Remember: EWT members receive a 20% discount on each tracking trip booked.

SA Gardening and Tuin Paleis Magazine Subscription Offer

SA Gardening is a specialist monthly gardening magazine catering exclusively to keen gardening enthusiasts on the subcontinent. The magazine aims to provide gardening enthusiasts with a window on the world of gardening in all its many forms.

Tuin Paleis is Suid-Afrika se toonaangewende Afrikaanse tydskrif vir liefhebbers van tuinmaak en dekor. Pragtige volkleurfoto’s en praktiese, maklik-om-te-doen raad help huiseienaars om hul tuistes in oases te omskep.

EWT Members: R 150.84 (12 issues per annum)

Special Book Offer : Footing with Sir Richard's Ghost by Patricia Glyn

In 1863, English gentlemen Sir Richard George Glyn and his brother Robert came to Africa, lured to the continent by its big game and the astounding cascade that David Livingstone had recently 'discovered' and named The Victoria Falls. The brothers set off from Durban and, despite terrible trials, reached the Falls four and a half months later, becoming the fourth foreign party to do so. Richard kept a diary about their extraordinary odyssey, a journal which inspired his and Robert’s great-great-grand niece, Patricia Glyn, to shadow their expedition in 2005.

This is the story of two brave adventures told through two illuminating, interwoven diaries. The book comprises 328 full-colour pages and over 400 photographs from Patricia's expedition, her ancestors' and many others of the 19th century.

Price: R 220.00

EWT 2007 Calendars

Buy the "Joy of Africa 2007" calendar and enjoy some of Africa’s most beautiful endangered wildlife. A percentage of all sales go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Price: R145.00 (excl. p & p)

EWT Membership - Gift Subscription

Buy an Endangered Wildlife Trust subscription for your family and friends. You can choose from :

Explorer - the perfect introduction to the EWT
Custodian - for those who want to get more involved
Groundbreaker - allows you to make the most significant difference

Range from R299 to R1499 depending on your commitment to conservation.