Volume 12Click here if you cannot view HTMLNovember 2006
ED's Note

Every year it seems like the Christmas advertising season starts just a little earlier than the year before. I was horrified to see the decorations go up at the beginning of October already. But even though I am not partial to another rendition of 'The Last Day of Christmas', there are a couple of things I do recommend when out and about looking for gifts ... The first on the list being a Membership to EWT. An Inconvenient Truth - a movie about climate change and the Stern Report on how it highlights the true costs to the economy by not addressing this issue - are making waves on how we're not quite up to speed on the actual impact that our day-to-day living has on the environment. Many people are starting to realise that they can no longer stick their heads in the sand and hope if will go away. Everyone can make a difference, be it large or small and even if you're an EWT member already, a gift membership for your loved ones will have an amazing impact. Do go ahead and give the gift of life - life for the Bullfrog, the Bearded Vulture and the Rivirine Rabbit. Most of all, become aware of your foot print and make others aware of theirs as well. Information and knowledge are key to turning the tide. Have a blessed festive season. - The Editor

Vision of the San People – and More Riverine Rabbits are Found !

Between the 25th and 29th of September 2006, a field survey was carried out by a team of 21 people comprising staff of CapeNature and the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Riverine Rabbit Working Group (EWT-RRWG). In total 15 Riverine Rabbits (Bunolagus monticularis) were recorded in the Ceres Karoo, Klein Karoo and in the Cape Winelands of the Western Cape. Another survey will take place in November.

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Written by Dr Vicky Ahlmann

Project Report: The Conservation and Management of Wild Dogs in KZN

EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Group has recently extended its African Wild Dog conservation program to include a management and conservation project in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). The project aims to expand the current range of Wild Dog in KZN to include well managed and closely monitored packs on state-owned, private, and community reserves in the region.

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Written by Thadaigh Baggallay

Nearly 200 volunteers assist with two game counts at Jubatus Cheetah Reserve

Jubatus Cheetah Reserve in Bela Bela, Limpopo Province is the location of a new and exciting initiative by the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Carnivore Conservation Group. Here we plan to reintroduce a female and two male cheetahs to the Reserve in a quest to understand the dynamics of cheetah and their prey on small fenced reserves.

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Written by Harriet Davies-Mostert

Eco News
New information on Endangered Bearded Vultures

Bernard, the juvenile Bearded Vulture, was released on 5th September 2006- just over a month ago. The cell-phone tracking device that is attached to him is scheduled to record three positional readings a day at set times, i.e. 6h00, 11h00 and 14h00.

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Written by Sonja Krueger

Eco training course offer

Many visitors to the wild places of Africa now want to get more from their bush trips than a simple safari. An experiential meaningful holiday awaits you or your child for this end of year holiday period. For a holiday with a difference – gain an understanding of Africa's web of life and a greater awareness of one of Earth’s last great natural resources, the African bushveld. Learn more about the ecosystems, about animal behaviour, bird life; trees and plants, astronomy, the art of tracking and more with in-depth one to four week nature and field guide training courses run from tented bush camps by EcoTraining, the leading Field Guide Training organisation operating in southern Africa since 1993.

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Written by Jenny Avery

Indigenous Landscaping Advice with Bees Knees Creations

Spring has sprung, summer is almost here and it is time to look outdoors at your garden. For a creative design with roots in South Africa, let Bees Knees design your indigenous garden, making it water wise, encouraging wild life back into our gardens and help to preserve our most precious heritage for all to enjoy. To arrange for a consultation contact Lauren on 082 453 6945 or lauren@bkc.co.za

"Wildlife Human Conflict Resolution" by Tim Snow

Where: Country Club JHB , Auckland Park, Johannesburg
When: 14 November 2006
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Dress: Smart Casual
Cost: R35.00 per EWT/CCJ member, R40 for non members - talk only

Humanity has encroached on natural environments more and more; and with increasing pressure over the past 350 years and even more so in the past few decades. In many instances environmental manipulations such as urban developments, have positive spin-offs for wildlife which in turn are considered as threats by humanity.

RSVP: 10 November 2006 - click here marketing@ewt.org.za to contact Mary or phone on (011) 486 1102

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AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH - The Must See Movie on Global Warming!

Where: Leading Cinemas countrywide
When: 20 October 2006 - 15 December 2006
Time: Standard Cinema flighting times
Dress: Casual
Cost: Retail prices at Cinemas or Computicket

Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced.

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Roar – Lions of Kalahari – Movie Review by Yolan Friedmann, CEO EWT

Where: Flighting at IMAX Theatres
When: from November 2006
Time: Imax Cinema times
Dress: Casual
Cost: Standard IMAX pricing

As the movie house lights dim and the inky blackness is filled with the sounds of an African night, punctuated with the cries of Spotted Hyenas and Night Jars, I sank into my chair thinking that this could already have been the highlight of Tim Liversedge's film "Roar". But not so, the film simply continued to excite, enthral and captivate viewers as one magnificent scene followed another as the drama, action and thrills unfolded. The film represents five years of Tim's life living and working amongst a pride of lions in the magical remoteness of Botswana's Kgalagadi Desert and the principle actors are a Lion and his harem of lioness sisters who rule their kingdom centred around a waterhole - an oasis of life within the harsh desert wilderness. Exceptional footage and close-ups offer the viewer an experience unsurpassed even if you were indeed there, and the thrills and spills of daily life are captured in 30 minutes of unequalled splendour. The film offers unique insights into the lives and interdependence of a number of other species who have adapted to this grueling environment and presents Africa in her most unique and magnificent way. Being an Imax film further adds to the unique experience and draws the viewers into the very heart of the story.

The EWT is proud to be associated with this testimony to Africa's wondrousness, splendour and uniqueness and encourages every one of our members to experience the Lions of the Kalahari on the truly Big Screen!

Greener Life Tips
Want to do something to help stop global warming?

Here are 10 simple things you can do and how much carbon dioxide you’ll save doing them:

  • Change a light: Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 330kgs of carbon dioxide a year
  • Drive less: Walk, cycle, car pool or take public transport more often. You will save 2.2 kgs of carbon dioxide for every kilometer you don’t drive
  • Recycle more: You can save 5,280 kgs of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste
  • Check your tyres: Keeping your tyres inflated properly can improve petrol mileage by more than 3%. Every litre of petrol saved keeps 44kgs of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
  • Use less hot water: It take a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerheads ( 770kgs or CO2 saved per year) and washing your clothes in cod or warm water ( 1,100kgs saved per year)
  • Avoid products with lots of packaging; you can save 2,460kgs of carbon dioxide if you cut down your rubbish by 10% - Recycle
  • Adjust your thermostat: Moving your thermostat down just 2 degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer could save about 4,400kgs of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Plant a Tree: A single tree will absorb one tone of carbon dioxide over its lifetime
  • Be a part of the solution; Learn more and get active at www.climatecrisis.net
  • Spread the word: encourage your friends to see An Inconvenient Truth now on at a cinema near you!
Eco Facts
The top '5' suggested Environmental book reads by Dr Nick King

When the Executive Director - Sustainability of the Endangered Wild Life Trust decides to share what's on his shelf, it's time for the rest of us to sit up and take notice. It is all too easy for us to just hide behind our daily lives, hoping that someone else will sort out the problems. Guess what - the buck stops here. Take a look at what he's reading and why.

  • Fred Pearce 2006 The Last Generation. Eden Project Books.
    Excellent (and terrifying!) up-to-date expose of climate change and the increasingly significant impacts against a backdrop of diminishing opportunities to do something about combating these impacts. As the cover says “Read this book. Your children’s future depends on it’!

  • Jared Diamond 2005 Collapse: How Societies choose to succeed or fail.
    Comprehensive assessment of human history looking at why certain societies such as the Maya failed whilst others succeeded and drawing parallels to our global human situation today, with a strong call that we must choose to change tack soon or ‘choose to fail’, with dire consequences for future generations.

  • Jonathan Porritt 2005 Capitalism as if the World Matters.
    Brilliant analysis of current capitalist economics and how to change these to ensure sustainability of both business and the planet. A 'must-read' for all business people, shareholders and anyone concerned about the future.

  • The Enviropaedia 2006 Eco-Logic Publishing.
    Best all-round environmental A-Z of information/ resource compendium for South Africa. Order from www.enviropaedia.com

  • EWT 2006 Vision: Business, Ecotourism, and the Environment. Future Publishing.
    Best SA hardcopy environmental publication with specific focus on business opportunities and sustainability. Launches on 10 November 2006

If you're at a loss on what to do with unwanted items, why not donate them to the EWT. The EWT has a wish list that you could contribute to. We would be grateful for the following items:

  • PA system
  • Filing cabinets
  • Vehicle fridge compatible to a 4x4
Click here to read more about the EWT Wish list.

Please contact Leighanne Imbert on (011) 486 1102 or email wishlist@ewt.org.za to organise for deliveries, and collections where necessary.

Natural Heritage Prestige Medallion Series

The Natural Heritage Prestige Medallion Series was launched in 2006 by the South African Mint Company, to commemorate various conservation projects managed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). This is a limited edition of 500 proof sliver medallions of each. The official EWT logo is featured on the obverse of all the medallions which will be featured in this 15 Medallion series.

This sterling silver medallion series pays tribute to the dedicated conservationists who work with the EWT on the various conservation projects.

  • The Oribi Working Group
  • The Giant Bullfrog Project
  • The Riverine Rabbit Working Group

Unit Price : R 350 ex VAT

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Explorer Club membership offer to EWT Members

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is pleased to announce that as a new added benefit to membership, all members of the EWT will receive a years free membership of the PureAfrica Explorers Club, through our negotiations with PureAfrica, an exciting travel and adventure tourism company. Membership in the Explorers Club gives you access to discounts and special offers on any trip booked through PureAfrica, at no extra cost to yourself, as well as the regular PureAfrica newsletter full of ideas for vacations, exciting places to visit, and African adventures to experience.

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Update your Details: If you have moved home or jobs, please remember to update your details with the EWT so you can continue to receive invitations to events and updates on the work we do - click the link to update now - http://www.ewt.org.za/memberships_update.aspx