With a significant stake in the sustainability of biodiversity, business has the power and responsibility to act as a powerful lever for change. The National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) recognises the importance of biodiversity to business and builds the capacity of business to act as a positive force for the conservation of biodiversity in South Africa.

The natural environment plays an important role in the value chain of any business. We work with innovative business leaders to identify and manage the business risks and opportunities that result from their interactions with the natural world. We provide a platform for businesses to proactively engage with each other and discover solutions that lead to sustainable business growth and many exciting business opportunities such as new sources of revenue and the opportunity to reduce production costs.

We achieve this through the following projects:

• Biodiversity Disclosure Project
• Biodiversity Measurement Protocol
• Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Business Toolkit
• National Business and Biodiversity Network

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Biodiversity Disclosure Project

The EWT’s NBBN calls for the private sector to join the growing network of companies that are initiating steps towards addressing biodiversity reporting. Notably, we invite businesses to join us in the development and implementation of the Biodiversity Disclosure Project. Please click here to find out more about this exciting project!

Biodiversity Protocol

​The Biological Diversity Protocol (BD Protocol) is an output of the Biodiversity Disclosure Project (BDP), a project started in early 2018, managed by the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) of South Africa and hosted by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).  Through close collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, the BD Protocol has been developed to provide companies with an accounting and reporting framework which helps consolidate biodiversity impact data in a standardised, comparable, credible and unbiased manner. It is freely available online here in addition to several case studies.

The Biodiversity Protocol Quick Start Guide

The BD Protocol further aims to enable any organisation to identify, measure, account for and manage its impacts on biodiversity for various business applications, from site management and internal reporting to external mandatory and/or voluntary disclosures. For instance, it can be instrumental to companies working on voluntary, science-based biodiversity commitments or targets for the forthcoming CoP 15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in China.

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