We celebrate the life of Anne Tilbury

“The day I climbed the mountain peak I found the peace of mind I seek, up there the big things looked so small the little things were not at all.”   

Even in death, Anne is moving mountains for us.

The legacy left by Margaret Anne Tilbury (known simply as Anne by all who knew and loved her)to the Endangered Wildlife Trust  is an example of how the generosity of one woman has helped to ensure the survival of the untamed spaces and species she loved so much.

Anne’s niece Michele (known as Shelley) recalls: “My aunt used to go for a swim at Fish Hoek beach every day regardless of the weather, and she climbed a very steep pass daily to reach her house. At a young age I decided that my aunt must be a very tough lady. I remember my Aunty Anne as a generous person who often allowed family to make use of her home and used to make jars of delicious fudge for Christmas (which all the nephews, nieces and great nephews and nieces used to look forward to). “

Anne’s greatest loves were firstly her husband Lewis, and secondly mountain climbing. She and Lewis would spend Christmas on the mountain, surrounded by nature. After he passed away Anne lost a bit of her lust for life but continued to show kindness to her friends and others on the mountain and often offered to carry their packs if they were unable to.  
Anne passed away on 13 December 2013, and left a lasting legacy in the form of a bequest to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. It is thanks to her kindness and everlasting generosity that we are able to continue the work we do and that the natural landscape she loved will be preserved. In this way, future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as much as she did.

Thank you, Anne. Your memory will live on forever in the work you made possible.

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