“Psssst… Hey! Hey you! Don’t get on that aeroplane! Thank goodness you can hear me. I’m down here. In the suitcase! You see this guy above me reading his newspaper? He’s about to smuggle us to China, and you have to stop him! Oh, where are my manners? I’m Smaug the Sungazer and this is my friend Patricia Pangolin. You’ve probably never seen either of us before, but  we are very popular in other countries for all the wrong reasons. You see, when I arrive I will be sold as an exotic pet. I will be locked in a small glass tank where I will spend the rest of my days alone in captivity. Patricia will suffer an even crueller fate. She will be killed and her scales and blood will be used in traditional medicine. The bodies of her unborn babies will be cut out of her and will be made into soup. This smuggler here has many other species, and even plants like cycads in his luggage, and some of his buddies are moving animals (like our friends Lefa the Cheetah and Letlotlo the Grey-Crowned Crane) across the borders of South Africa. I overheard that my friends will also end up as pets in foreign countries. Lefa will never again run across the open grasslands. Letlotlo won’t be able to raise chicks and help increase the population of her already threatened species.

Did you know that Lefa means inheritance and Letlotlo means treasure in Sesotho? I find it so tragic that South Africa will be losing its greatest natural treasure and inheritance for future generations if so much of our wildlife is lost due to illegal trade.
It's a much bigger problem than most people think. Did you know that illegal trade in wildlife is one of the largest illegal trades in the world? That means that the illegal wildlife trade is one of the biggest global threats to the survival of some of the most threatened species on the planet, including me!

The illegal wildlife trade is also used to fund some pretty serious criminal activity, like terrorism.
I noticed that you are a supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, so I know that you care and that you can help me. 

The EWT works  in a wide variety of areas to combat wildlife trade, from supporting anti-poaching units, to training law enforcement officials and prosecutors, to supplying sniffer and tracking dogs and assisting in border control efforts. We assist the South African Police Service(SAPS) with the relevant legislation under which to charge offenders and advise them where live specimens need to be taken for safe care whilst the cases are being investigated. We also work closely with prosecutors and magistrates to ensure that strong sentences are handed down to offenders.

By donating to the EWT, you will help to combat the illegal wildlife trade and save many species. I knew I could count on you!

Well, looks like our flight has been delayed. There’s still time to help us! Hurry, you can donate to the EWT via EFT or you can write a cheque.

For EFT payments: please email proof of payment to joelt@ewt.org.za or fax 011 608 4682
Payments may be made to the following account:
Endangered Wildlife Trust
First National Bank, Rosebank
Acc. No. 50371564219
Branch Code. 25 33 05
REF: Name + Surname

Contact Joel Thosago on joelt@ewt.org.za 

Thank you for caring enough to make a lasting difference.


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