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Eight leading non-government conservation organisations (NGOs) agreeing to pool their resources, and publish one magazine - Environment. This informs, educates and enlightens their supporters (as well as government and civil society) about the crucial environmental issues facing southern Africa. Issue 24 was the last publication of ENVIRONMENT.

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Issue 17 Issue 18

VISION 20th edition was the last publication of VISION.

VISION Annual was published on behalf of the EWT, and showcases conservation and biodiversity issues in the subcontinent in a high quality, exclusive coffee-table book format. This well respected, never-to-be-discarded book covers all aspects of the environment in an informative, entertaining and educational manner, written by a team of experts in the field.


Editorial content includes:

  • Global Overview – An overview of the world in the current year from an environmental perspective.
    Vibrant Subcontinent – Exposes the most pressing and significant environmental issues across the SADC region, from energy to poaching.
  • Conservation in Action – Covers “who’s doing what” and offers insights into the conservation projects
    and programmes that are responding to various environmental threats.
  • Glint of Ecotourism - Aims to inspire and empower readers to make the most of the unique and special opportunities southern Africa offers to nature lovers.
  • Business in the Environment – Deals with the role that big and small business play in the environment.
  • Photo Essay – A visual feast of beautiful, interesting photographs that depict a relevant theme for the book.
  • Directory – A directory of wildlife and environmental agencies.