Leave a Legacy

What is a legacy or a bequest?
A sum of money, items of property or possessions left in your Will to another person, group, organisation or charity. By leaving a bequest to the EWT, you help us to ensure a wild and natural legacy for all South Africans. Furthermore, leaving a bequest to the EWT means that the deceased’s Estate is able to claim the bequest as a deduction and save the Estate up to 20% of the value of the bequest in estate duty.

How do I change my existing Will?
You can change your Will through a Codicil which is then read together with your Will.

Download a Codicil here

How can I remember the EWT in my will?
We recommend you take the wording suggested below to your advisor for their information and appropriate
incorporation in your estate plan:

“I bequeath to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), a Trust registered with the Master of the High Court, under IT 6247, registered NPO number 015-502, and PBO

Exemption number 930 001 777, or the successors in title or practice to the Endangered Wildlife Trust…”
I further express the wish that such bequest be used for the general purposes of conserving threatened species and habitats for future generations.

There are different types of bequest and you may select any one or a combination of them:

  • A specific sum of money.
  • Property. This could include real estate, vehicles, art, antiques, jewellery etc.
  • A percentage of the estate.
  • The residue of the estate.
  • A life insurance policy. A policy which is no longer needed can be ceded to us or a new one taken out naming us as beneficiary.
  • Property. This could include real estate, vehicles, art, antiques, jewellery, shares, unit trusts.
  • A life insurance policy. You can nominate us as the beneficiary on a new or existing policy, or if the policy is no longer needed, its ownership can be ceded to us.

Why should I leave a bequest to the EWT?
Remembering the EWT in your Will exempts such part of your estate from estate duty.
Section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act determines that bequests made to approved public benefit organisations qualifies for a deduction from the value of your estate before estate duty is determined. A charitable bequest which meets this criteria thus holds the advantage of reducing the taxable value of your estate and the potential estate duty payable.

When you include a bequest to the EWT in your Will, you have the power to keep alive your own vision of a better world, and ensure that you will be remembered fondly and with gratitude for years to come. The EWT relies on gifts such as bequest from our supporters to ensure the survival of key species and habitats for the enjoyment of generations to come

Who can draw up my will?
It is important to obtain expert advice from a financial planner, attorney, bank, accountant or other skilled professional before drawing up a Will or making changes thereto.

If you choose to make a bequest to the EWT in your Will, we would love to know. We appreciate and value your support, and will add your details to our mailing list (unless specified otherwise), so we can keep you informed of our current activities. We would also love to visit you personally and get to know you better!

Please send your name and contact details, (including your phone number, address and email) to: ewt@ewt.org.za or 011 - 3723630

Download Bequest brochure here

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