Indwa is a journal for African crane research and conservation published annually by the African Crane Conservation Programme (ACCP ). Indwa publishes full scientific papers and short notes, thesis abstracts and other material relevant to crane conservation activities across Africa. Full paper article contributions will be sent to at least one referee for review. Recent issues can be viewed here.


Gabar Journal
Gabar is the biannual raptor journal of the Birds of Prey Programme (BoPP). We invite scientists, researchers, raptor enthusiasts, and casual observers to submit papers, reports, notes, observations, and ideas concerning African raptors. Our mission is to benefit and promote raptor conservation in Africa by reporting information on all aspects of raptor biology that ultimately contributes towards the survival of these birds. We aim to keep people interested in the conservation of African birds of prey, and up to date on recent research and news in all areas of African raptor biology and conservation.
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Vulture News - The Journal of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group
Vulture News is the journal of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group. It was originally the journal of the Vulture Study Group, which was formed in 1973 in southern Africa. The journal has been published since 1979 and is a venue for research, news, information and reports on vultures in all parts of the word where they occur. Contributions from ornithologists, research biologists, bird watchers, conservationists and any other interested people are encouraged. Single (or a series of) interesting pictures with extended captions are also encouraged. Refer to contributor information for more details.