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The continued conservation of our rhinos is critical. Not only would it be a tragedy to lose a species that we have spent a century nurturing back from the brink of extinction, but rhinos are also flagship species for tourism in South Africa, and losing them would impair the country’s ability to attract foreign income. This, in turn, would affect hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the conservation of thousands of other species. The revival of the Southern White Rhino, and the rebounding populations of Black Rhinos across the continent, are considered among the greatest conservation success stories for large mammals on the planet, and we should do everything we can to ensure that this accomplishment was not in vain.

Conservation in colour

This World Rhino Day, show the world how unique and fascinating our rhinos are by letting your imagination run wild and colouring in this gorgeous rhino illustration by Millie Marotta from Millie Marotta’s Wild Savannah (Batsford). 

Whether you’re three or 103, get creative for conservation and enter our World Rhino Day colouring-in competition! Each of the top five entries will receive an original EWT t-shirt adorned with their colourful creation and a Wild Savannah postcard book.

Send your entries to meganm@ewt.org.za by 4 October 2021 and provide the following info:

  1. Your age group (under 10, 10–15, 16 and older)
  2. Your location
  3. Why you think rhinos should be protected!  

Terms and conditions:  

Costs for the shipment of prizes outside of South Africa will not be covered.  

Only one t-shirt per winner will be awarded, although more can be purchased by proud family members or adoring fans. 

Rhyming for rhinos

Since 2016, the EWT and Lapalala Wilderness School (LWS) have celebrated World Rhino Day by hosting their annual Schools Speaking Competition at the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve. More than 20 schools from around the Waterberg region participate every year, and over 200 Grade 10 learners have competed so far.

The learners are tasked with preparing a speech about rhino conservation, which provides them with the opportunity to develop ideas and solutions about how to address the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. Not only does this hone their public speaking skills, but it cultivates a deep awareness about the species and their environment.

Sponsors generously provide prizes such as laptops, tablets, and school vouchers that incentivise healthy competition amongst learners, resulting in many passionate and enthusiastic speeches over the years, embracing issues such as community involvement in conservation, the economic importance of tourism, and law enforcement. We hope that the participants go on to become ambassadors for rhinos in their local communities.

Previous winners of the World Rhino Day public speaking competition (2020)

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