A Legacy for Life

The EWT is proud of the conservation legacy we have created over the past 48 years, from our small beginnings in Clive Walker’s garage in the 1970s, to the international conservation NGO saving threatened species and spaces across southern and eastern Africa. As a trust reliant entirely on donor funding, this legacy was borne from partnerships and your critical ongoing support. Over the years, much of our work was only made possible through bequests. By joining our family and adding the EWT to your will, you will become an integral part of wildlife conservation, working with us protect forever, together.

Some examples of what your bequest will be used for:

  • Empower communities to live and work in harmony with nature
  • Increase safe space for Cheetahs and Wild Dogs in South Africa and beyond
  • Conserve critical habitats, especially those that protect our precious water sources
  • Ensure our iconic raptors remain in the skies
  • Raise awareness and create connections between young people and their natural environment through our school programmes, developing them into  Guardians of the Future

… and so much more! Including a bequest to the EWT in your will can also reduce the amount of tax payable on your estate.

If you yearn for a better future for your children, create a Legacy for Life by remembering the EWT in your will, and help us to secure the health of our planet and its wildlife, beyond your lifetime.

Who can draw up my will?

It is important to ask expert advice from a financial planner, attorney or bank before attempting to draw up your will.

Capital Legacy is one of the fastest-growing companies that specialises in Will-drafting, Trust administration and Estate administration. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Capital Legacy provides you with client-centric and excellence-driven service when it comes to drafting your Will, taking care of the administration of Trusts and administering your Estate in the event of your death. Capital Legacy is also the innovator of the Legacy Protection Plan™, an insurance product that completely protects your beneficiaries from the legal fees and expenses that arise when you pass away. This product caters for expenses and fees such as: Executor, Conveyance, Testamentary Trust, Masters, Correspondents, Property Clearance, School Fees, Insurances, Medical Aid, Inheritance Taxes and many more, all from as little as R74.00 per month. Capital Legacy is also committed to protecting forever, together, and for every Legacy Protection Plan™ referral they receive from the EWT, they will make a donation to our critical conservation work. If you would like someone from Capital Legacy to contact you about leaving a legacy, please fill in the form below.

If you would like someone from Capital Legacy to contact you about leaving a legacy, please fill in the form below.

Create a lasting memory

We also invite people to remember their loved ones by planting an indigenous tree of their choice, from a list provided, in the Forever Forest at the EWT Conservation Campus in Midrand. The tree will include a plaque, commemorating the person to be remembered. By planting a tree in the Forever Forest, you’re not just creating an enduring, living memorial for your loved one, but are also giving back to the environment and future generations. The EWT will be creating a beautiful, serene space where people can gather with family and friends, to pay tribute to and remember their loved ones now passed, and find the tranquillity needed to heal. In time, the space will include walking paths and appropriate nesting logs and boxes to attract indigenous wildlife, and there will be the option of adding a bench, memory rock, or animal sculpture to your memorial. Those who opt to remember their loved ones by planting a tree in the Forever Forest will be invited to a planting ceremony, but if unable to attend, EWT staff will undertake this solemn responsibility on your behalf. For more information, contact Tammy Baker.

Keep in touch

If you choose to leave a gift to the EWT in your will, we would love to know. We appreciate and value your support, and will record your details so we can keep you informed of our activities and conservation successes. We would also love to visit you personally and get to know you better! If you prefer not to let us know ahead of time, this is also perfectly fine.

Please send your name and contact details (including your phone number, address and email) to Tammy Baker or call 011 372 3600.

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