Why should I remember the EWT in my will?

It’s the kind of subject we may not like to dwell on, but none of us can avoid the need to have an up-to-date will, ensuring that our last wishes are carried out and our legacy is continued in the way that we would choose.

We don’t often think about how people will remember us when we are gone. But take a moment to think about the legacy that you could potentially leave. What are the things you want your loved ones to remember about you after you’re gone? That you worked hard to afford the finer things in life? Or that you were committed to making a difference to the world around you, by speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, and protecting our natural world?

Including a bequest to an organisation that you have supported in your lifetime, or that you would have liked to support is a way to bring meaning and purpose to a life well-lived. You, and your values, beliefs and philanthropic investment, will live on in the lives touched by your support.

Should you choose to remember the EWT in your will, you are not only helping the EWT to secure the futures of dozens of Endangered species for years to come, but you could also be providing tax benefits to your loved ones.

Section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act determines that bequests made to public benefit organisations such as the EWT should first be deducted from the nett value of your estate before estate duty is determined. This means that remembering the EWT in your will could exempt your estate from estate duty. A deduction for estate duty purposes is allowed in respect of the value of property bequeathed to a public benefit organisation.

The EWT relies on bequests both large and small to ensure that we continue fulfilling our vision of a healthy planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of all life. Donations to the EWT from Estates provide the lifeblood of this home-grown South African conservation leader, by supporting much needed conservation action and enabling the EWT to continue achieving conservation successes.

Thank you if you have already decided to leave a bequest. We assure you that your legacy will make a lasting impact to the benefit of all who inhabit our beautiful country.

Your bequest will help us to…

• Empower communities to live and work in harmony with nature
• Increase safe space for Cheetahs and Wild Dogs in South Africa and beyond
• Conserve grasslands and wetlands to secure our critical water sources
• Ensure our iconic raptors remain in the skies
• Raise awareness and create connections between young people and their natural environment through our schools programmes, developing the guardians of the future

… and so much more! Protecting forever, together.

How can I remember the EWT in my will?

We recommend that you use the below wording:

“I bequeath to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) registered NPO number 015-502 of K2 Pinelands Office Park, Ardeer Road, Modderfontein, Gauteng, (insert bequest details of your choice), and I express the that such estate be used for the purpose of conserving threatened species and habitats for future generations.”

There are different types of bequests that you can select from, namely:

• Residue of your estate
• A percentage of your estate
• A specific sum of money
• A life insurance policy
• Property

Please feel free to contact us should you need a codicil for your existing will, by emailing ewt@ewt.org.za or phoning 087 021 0398.

Who can draw up my will?

It is important to ask expert advice from a financial planner, attorney or bank before attempting to draw up your will.

Including a bequest to the EWT in your will can reduce the amount of tax payable on your estate.

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Keep in touch

If you choose to leave a gift to the EWT in your will, we would love to know. We appreciate and value your support, and will record your details so we can keep you informed of our activities and conservation successes. We would also love to visit you personally and get to know you better! If you prefer not to let us know ahead of time, this is also perfectly fine.

Please send your name and contact details, (including your phone number, address and email) to: ewt@ewt.org.za or call 087 021 0398.

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