EWTalk Newsletter

Oct 2016

Words from the CEO

Addressing the threats of illegal wildlife
Bunny business in Loxton
KZN Hunting and Conservation
Road Ecology training
Ploughing up our biodiversity
Crouch, bind, write…
Ringing and marking of vulture chicks
Conservation and agriculture
The escapades of a township riverbank

Our National bird goes high tech in the Western Cape
Understanding your noisy neighbours this spring!
A tale of three Cheetah brothers
Its springtime, so Sungazers are out again!
Study reveals African vultures are heading towards extinction.
Making roads safer for all road users in partnership with the N3 Toll Concession
St Patrick’s Giant Paw of support for cranes and the EWT

Clanwilliam sandfish translocation..read more
Conservation Partnership...Northern Cape...read more
Conservationists go fishing...read more
Mentoring, monitoring and movies...read more
Riverine Rabbit...Nama Karoo...read more
Searching for Rabbits...Jackals Dance....read more

Every Dog Has His Day....read more
A Water Secure Future for Southern Africa...read more
Wattled Crane survey reveals highest count for species in more than 25 years!....read more
The Oribi Survey.....read more
Partnership to Boost the Conservation of our precious water resources.....read more
Unusual Aardvark Sighting whilst monitoring biodiversity impacts at Sere wind farm.....read more
Learning to appreciate nature, one walk and breath at a time....read more

Connecting learners with their local environment in Chrissiesmeer..read more
Eco-schools award ceremony...read more
Mentoring, monitoring and movies – the life of a Groenie in the Karoo...read more
Sungazers and two spiny exotic plants in the grasslands...read more
Orange River Mouth Ramsar Site Aerial Survey...read more
Conservationists go fishing: Oorlogskloof-Kobee Fish Survey 2015...read more
The wildlife roads project – reducing roadkill...read more
Riverine Rabbit conservancies making progress in the Nama Karoo...read more
Conservation friendly farming: recognition of our custodians...read more

Becoming an EWT EcoRanger..read more
Determining the extent of human-wildlife conflict in the Bakwena N1/4 Corridor - North West Province...read more
Heddi hits the ground running, one sniff at a time...read more
Overcoming fears and sharing stories...read more
Solar Power: How different technologies affect birds...read more
The story of the Darlington Male....read more
Wood Owl chick rescued and reunited with its family...read more
Oxpecker Eco-label Competition ...read more

Spring babies, a first for the Riverine Rabbit Project..read more
Sungazer Working Group Meeting and Non-detriment Finding Workshop read more
Marking White-backed Vultures at Mokala National Park read more
Exploring Conservation and Community Welfare along the Wild Coast read more
Operational Minimisation of Wind Turbines to reduce the impact on Bats at Wind Energy Facilities..read more
The Wildlife and Roads Project in Sweden read more
Post support for land claimants on biodiversity conservation..read more
Mapping Threats to Grey Crowned Cranes..read more
Are you a responsible tourist?..read more
Going Wild at the Williston Winter Festival..read more
Jackal Buzzards use artificial nest for breeding..read more
De Aar Power Line Survey read more

Orange River Mouth Project-site visit..read more
Tragic loss of wildlife in the hands of the greedy and the disregard for the law...read more
Once in a lifetime experience for prosecutors...read more
Unravelling the secret life of Karoo bossies...read more
The Amatole Freshwater Species Project and Biodiversity Stewardship...read more
Blue Cranes and Wind Turbines...read more
At your service: Frogs and toads saving your skin...read more
A visit to President Steyn School, near Bloemfontein...read more
Oorlogskloof reveals its mussels...read more
2014 sees the launch of the Zambia Crane and Wetland Conservation Project, under the ICF/EWT Partnership for African Cranes ..read more

Operation Oxpecker Project captures Red-billed Oxpeckers in Kruger National Park..read more
South Africa’s carnivores – at risk from roads!..read more
Pup anxiety in KZN..read more
The EWT and N3 Toll Concession work together on roadkill mitigation...read more
The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and the significance of its outcome in South Africa...read more
Threatened grasslands and flagship species in communal lands...read more
Ready! Get set! Go EcoRangers! ...read more
Save the rhino art exhibition!....read more
Needles in the haystack: Estimating abundance of a tiny Critically Endangered frog...read more
Four to appear in court following abalone bust in Benoni...read more

JJ Booysen Primary School Visits the EWT Karoo Indigenous Plant Nursery..read more
Discovering Easter (owl) eggs in the grass...read more
Using flagship species correctly: the importance of getting the message right! ...read more
Film Crew Double up in Loxton...read more
MTN stopped construction because of breeding eagles..read more
A Leaping Success...read more
Roadkill Project in Tanzania - an exciting collaboration between Sokoine University of Agriculture and the EWT-WTP...read more
Wildlife Trade and Legislation Training Course....read more

Crane conservation outreach continues in south-western Uganda...read more
Lessons drawn from an awareness campaign focusing on relevant legislation to combating illegal hunting with dogs....read more
Exotic wild animals in the pet trade...read more
Sungazer Lizards are desperately in need of conservation....read more
Hit and run! Using Citizen Science to reduce roadkill in Protected Areas....read more
Lottery-funded project leads to successful integration of community development and wetland conservation in Chrissiesmeer...read more
“Capturing” Riverine Rabbits on Karoo Farmland....read more

Beat the System, be irrational - By Matthew Child,
EWT Red Data List Intern....read more
An Oribi rescued from peril... read more
Upscaling the Karoo’s Ecosystems Restoration...read more
The challenges in managing our Painted Wolves.read more
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Farmers and conservationists join forces to save Riverine Rabbits click
Rush Hour Traffic – Limpopo-style! click
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