This month, we’ll be bringing you three more wonderful Wild Chats, which will be approximately 20-30 minutes long, with time afterwards for questions and answers. These chats will start promptly, so please be sure to join a little ahead of time.

You can register for the chats of your choice, using the links below. Each Wild Chat is also recorded and shared on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms afterwards, meaning no one has to miss out!

So stay home, stay safe, and stay connected with our wild world.

While our Wild Chats are free of charge, we rely on donations to make this critical conservation work possible. If you would like to help us make a difference, please click here

Wild Dogs are the most Endangered carnivore in South Africa, and a small population of free-roaming Wild Dogs is located within the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in Limpopo Province. The Waterberg Wild Dog population has declined from 120 in 1998 to just five in 2017. Currently, there is only one known breeding pack of Wild Dogs still active in the Waterberg, using a multitude of different areas within the Biosphere Reserve. The dogs in this pack are the remnants of potentially the last genetically distinct population of Wild Dogs in the whole of South Africa, and the area is critical in connecting Wild Dog populations between Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. As the last free-roaming pack of Wild Dogs in South Africa, and facing high levels of intolerance and threats, it is critically important to safeguard this pack from being persecuted and killed.

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