Board of Management & Trustees

The EWT elects a board of management which ensures good governance and sound implementation of all our activities.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust Trustees:

The Trustees are members of the Trust who are legally responsible for administering of the affairs of the Trust. The Board of Management, which is a subset of the Trustees, is empowered to act in authority and power for Trustees. Trustees are appointed at the Annual General Meeting. However in between Annual General Meetings, Trustees are appointed by the Board of Management subject to ratification by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. At an Annual General Meeting, the Trustees appoint a Chairperson and Treasurer to act as such for 3 years. The two become ex-officio members of the Board of Management.

The EWT Board of Management:

By virtue of the powers of delegation conferred upon the Trustees, they appoint a Board of Management to carry out and further the administration of the affairs of the Trust on behalf of the Trustees. Members of the Board are elected annually at the AGM. The Chairperson of the Trust appointed by the Trustees shall act as the Board of Management Chairperson.

Board Members:

  • Dirk Ackerman (Chairman of EWT Board) 1999 - current
  • Paul Smith (Treasurer) 2011 - current
  • Uwe Putlitz (Vice Chair) 1987 - current
  • Antony Wannell 2005 - current
  • Joanna Goeller 2006 - current
  • Karin Ireton 2004 - current
  • Lot Mlati 2007 - current
  • Mike Esterhuysen 2001 - current
  • Yolan Friedmann (Ex-Officio member) 2005 - current
  • Anthony Diepenbroek 2015 - current
  • Prof. Barry Ackers 2017 - current
  • Dr Veniela Pillay 2017 - current
  • Sharmila Govind 2017 - current
  • Lesego Rammusi 2017 - current

Dirk Ackerman (Chair of the Board)

Dirk is also the Group CEO of the IQ Business Group, an international ICT, business consultancy and outsourcing company operating in the USA, UK, Australia and Africa. He also serves on the Board of Prodapt IQ SA which is an international software development company. Dirk’s career as a Chief Executive Officer has spanned the banking, financial services, property management and development, public utilities, information technology and business consultancy industries. During his career, Dirk has served on various Boards of blue chip listed and non-listed companies, both locally and internationally, in the public and private sectors. Dirk is a member of the Institute of Directors, a founder member of the SA Tourism Business Council and is a member of the Young Presidents organization. Dirk has a strong sense of community commitment and is engaged in several charitable initiatives. He serves on the board of The Starfish Great Hearts Foundation, an international organization dedicated to providing for the care and education of Aids orphans in Southern Africa.

Uwe Putlitz (Vice Chair)

Uwe is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Joint Building Contracts Committee from January 2011. Uwe qualified as an Architect and as a Project Manager (1st M Sc Building) and diplomas in financial and project management at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he has also been lecturing in a part time capacity and acted as external examiner. Whilst in professional practice with various architectural practices and for the past 20 years as the managing member of Building Strategy Network he has fulfilled various functions including being the ‘clients representative’ for the SABC 2nd phase of TV Centre, and subsequently numerous other studio projects, a number of leisure, retail and healthcare projects, hi tech industrial premises, various feasibility studies and Gautrain’s Hatfield. He was the founder chair of the Buskaid Soweto String Project.

Paul Smith (Treasurer)

He is also currently the Group Chief Risk Officer of Standard Bank Group and reports to the joint Group Chief Executives. He was previously the Chief Risk Officer within the Corporate and Investment Banking Division of Standard Bank, a position he held from 1 June 1997 until November 1999. Paul Smith was previously a partner in the Financial Services Group of KPMG – he was a partner with the firm for 13 years out of a total period of service of 21 years. Paul is a Chartered Accountant (SA) as well as having received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Natal and a Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy from the University of Port Elizabeth. He has also attended the Advanced Management Programme at Wharton Business School in the USA.

Karin Ireton

She heads the Sustainability Programme for the Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank. Her focus is on responsible financing, climate change and energy, environmental and social risk and the communication of sustainability performance. She has held roles at Anglo American, Eskom and the then Industrial Environmental Forum. She holds an MA in International Political Economy (Leeds) and serves on numerous sustainability advisory boards and chairs the International Stakeholder Council for the Global Reporting Initiative and the IoD's Sustainable Development Forum. She is a Board Member of the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the National Business Initiative.

Lot Mlati

He is an Assistant Representative responsible for South African Programmes at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). He has worked in multidisciplinary sectors in various institutions such Government, the World Bank, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Thames Water. His field of expertise is agriculture and rural development. His role with FAO involves support to Government in areas of agriculture, rural development, forestry, fisheries and cross cutting issues of climate change and sustainable development. He completed an MA in Rural Social Development at Reading University in the UK as well as Thames Water Oxford Leadership Development Programme at Templeton College in Oxford University.

Antony Wannell


Joanna Goeller

Joanna is an Environmental Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the mining and industrial field of environmental management. Joanna is also a mother of 3, and a keen sports person.


Yolan Friedmann (EWT - CEO)


Anthony Diepenbroek





  • Paul Smith (Treasurer) 2011 – current
  • Antony Wannell 2008 – current
  • Barry Ackers 2010 – current
  • Neil Morris 2014 - current
  • Muhammad Seedat 2017 – current
  • Abdul Kader Mohamed 2017 – current
  • Charlotte Lesego Rammusi 2017 – current
  • Yolan Friedmann 2010 - current

Social, Ethics and Remuneration Committee (SERC)

  • Karin Ireton 2010 – current
  • Mike Esterhuysen 2010 – current
  • Paul Smith 2012 – current
  • Sharmila Govind 2017 - current
  • Ven Pillay 2018 - current


  • Antony Wannell 2005 – current
  • Anthony Diepenbroek 2014 – current
  • Anusha Lucen 2015 - current
  • Angela Oosthuizen 2015 - current
  • Abdul Kader Mohamed 2015 - current
  • Barry Ackers 2015 - current
  • Brian Courtenay 1996 – current
  • Christo Reeders 2014 - current
  • Crispian Olver 2014 - current
  • Daniel van der Merwe 2010 – current
  • Dirk Ackerman 1998 – current
  • Joanna Goeller 2006 – current
  • Karin Ireton 2004 – current
  • Kiyasha Thambi 2015 - current
  • Lot Mlati 2006 - current
  • Lesego Rammusi 2015 - current
  • Marilyn Dougall-Thomas 1993 – current
  • Mike Esterhuysen 2001 - current
  • Paul Smith 2010 - current
  • Robyn Stein 2001 - current
  • Rest Kanju 2008 – current
  • Uwe Putlitz 1980 - current
  • Sthembiso Dlamini 2015 - current
  • Sharmila Govind 2015 - current
  • Muhammed Seedat 2015 - current
  • Ven Pillay 2015 - current

Life Members

  • Clive Walker 1986
  • Angus Morrison 1993
  • Derek Ritchie 1993
  • Kenneth Whyte 1993
  • Dave Donald 2012
  • David Mitchell  2013
  • John Ledger, Dr. 2013
  • Michael Barnett 2013