African Crane Conservation Programme

Monitoring and Conservation Planning

Monitoring the population dynamics of cranes is a key element to evaluating the success of conservation projects and detecting changes that are linked to the environment in which cranes are found. This information then provides the basis for conservation planning and adaptation of activities to address threats, concerns and changes that are identified. This project aims to monitor the status of and threats to all four of Africa's resident crane species, and to use the information as a basis for conservation planning Side bar/link – Workshops and AGMs

Capacity Building

This project aims to improve the leadership capability of EWT-ACCP staff and partner organisations across Africa, and increase capacity to implement crane, wetland and community conservation projects supported by the ICF/EWT Partnership There is a real need to improve capacity and skills, and leadership capability in crane range states across Africa. This can be achieved through facilitating training and mentorship opportunities. Strongly too, South Africa is the only country in Africa in which its crane populations have been stabilised over time and hence has a lot to offer other countries across the region in terms of experience, shared learning and skills that have been developed. A real opportunity therefore exists to use this as a basis for developing capacity in fellow African countries.