African Crane Conservation Programme

African Cranes, Wetlands and Communities

This project aims to develop model programmes at a set of key crane sites in Africa that promote sustainable management, improve ecological integrity, reduce threats and secure the area for cranes and people. Grey Crowned Cranes, Black Crowned Cranes and Wattled Cranes are dependent on wetlands for nesting and, to a degree, for foraging as well. It is these same ecosystems that people too depend upon either directly or indirectly. However, habitat loss is a key threat to cranes and a contributing factor to the declines that we see in cranes across Africa. It is therefore imperative that we secure key sites, which includes the wetlands and surrounding catchments. By working with communities and making them part of the solution, we ensure that wetlands are managed sustainably, and secured for the future not only for cranes, but for people as well.

A Basic Broad-scale Assessment of Lakenvlei Wetlands and its Carbon Capacity: Draft Report click