Threatened Amphibian Programme

Cool Froggy Facts:

  • There are approximately 6771 species of amphibians, including 5966 frogs, 619 salamanders and 186 caecilians
    (Amphibia Web: link
  • Amphibians are the oldest land vertebrate and have been around for about 350 million years.
  • The world’s smallest frogs are the Paedophryne from Papua New Guinea (10 mm) and the largest is the Goliath Frog from Gabon which can grow to 30 cm long and weigh over 3kg.
  • Frogs use their skin to breathe and only have rudimentary lungs.
  • Toads are a type of frog.
  • The Platanna can live up to 30 years in captivity.
  • Skin secretions from Australian Tree Frogs (Litoria) can completely inhibit HIV

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