Happy New Year to all our friends, supporters and partners! I hope it is an auspicious one for you.
The rhino crisis continues…
2013 is the worst year for rhino poaching to date, with a staggering 1004 rhinos killed for their horns. The poachers have hit the ground running in the New Year, and already more than 30 rhinos have been lost.
These figures highlight how important it is to keep up and ramp up the fight, which we could not do without your support – thank you!
Here is a summary of what we have been up to in the past 6 months..



The fabulous four – Rico, Renaldo, Heddi and Condor
The fab four continue to maintain the pressure at the cargo warehouses at ORTIA - which appears to be working as no wildlife contraband has been found there for several months. They are also working at courier companies in and around the airport. Of late they have been undergoing intensive refresher training to reinforce their focus and imprinting. Best they take it to heart...there are two new kids on the block who are ready to take the old hats on...

Welcome to the two new “H”s – Heggy and Hitsch
Heggy is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois and Hitsch is a 1 year old German Shepherd who shows huge enthusiasm for his work! Both dogs have mastered the art of searching, and Hitsch is already being imprinted on bullets.....read more

Vito – sniffer dog for the Waterberg.
The third new sniffer dog will be working in the Waterberg as part of the Save the Waterberg Rhino initiative. We have identified a suitable candidate for this position with the desired drive and personality – Vito, a German Shepherd.....read more

Shaya the Belgian Malinois kindly donated by Perdita and Ralf Lübbe-Scheuermann in Germany to Craig Spencer at Olifant’s West Nature Reserve, has done some incredible work since he arrived in South Africa in April this year. He became so good at finding spent bullets at rhino crime scenes (a critical aspect for forensics) that he became part of the Standard Operating Procedures for crime scenes in the area. However......read more



The Bloodhound/Doberman cross “Ranger “crossed the Limpopo to show his tracking skills at Malilangwe Reserve in Zimbabwe with his handler and trainer Rox Brummer from Green Dogs Conservation.....Read more

Duma, the German Shepherd puppy who is growing up with rhino calves at The Rhino Orphanage with the aim of training him to detect orphaned calves in the field, is showing great potential.....Read more

The EWT has facilitated the procurement, training and deployment of another Bloodhound X Doberman “Koevoet”, who has also been trained as an anti-poaching tracker dog by Rox Brummer (Green Dogs Conservation). He went to his new home in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve on December 16, where he was introduced to and trained with his new handler Barry. Koevoet was welcomed with open arms and enthusiasm by the staff at Klaserie (and no one more so than Barry!) We wish them MUCH success..


We continue assisting the provincial conservation agencies wherever possible...read more

“UMA UHAMBO LWABO LUPHELA NOLWETHU LOPHELA” - (Should their journey end so will ours)
The DVD linking the survival of rhinos to livelihoods, a collaborative project with the Wilderness Foundation and KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife, is now available in both Zulu and English subtitled versions. The response to the DVD has been so positive that we are looking at producing the DVD with subtitles in other languages, including Xhosa. Xitsonga and Tshivenda. A big thank you to Samson Phakathi for the huge effort he put into editing and translating the DVD, spending long hours, weekends etc to make this project a success.

In 2011 the Endangered Wildlife Trust developed the Rhino Security Booklet for Rhino owners and managers. Three thousand copies were distributed over the next two years. At the end of 2013 Rynette Coetzee (Law and Policy Project Executant) updated the legislation chapter as well as some of the other information contained in the booklet...read more

The official rhino poaching statistics released periodically by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) are concerning enough, but little known and equally as concerning is that for many (if not most) of the rhino cows poached, at least one - and sometimes two - calves are lost, injured or orphaned. Heavily pregnant cows or those with young calves at foot are particularly vulnerable to poaching. Furthermore, it is becoming apparent that rhinos and calves are being lost as a secondary complication of poaching through panic and poor management of poaching survivors. This concerning aspect is being further researched by the EWT Rhino Orphan Response Project, and forms the basis of a paper titled “Rhino Poaching: Calves, Casualties and Collateral Damage” which was presented by Karen Trendler at the Private Rhino Owners Association Workshop in August. Co-ordinating and facilitating the rescue, transport, stabilization, treatment and proper rehabilitative care of these orphans is vital to maximizing survival and ensuring that they can eventually be returned to the wild. The EWT Rhino Orphan Response Project has since its inception assisted with 219 responses and we are really pleased to report that many of the early responses are well on the way to recovery and rehabilitation....read more

On a lighter note....(with thanks to Karen Trendler for this article, originally written for Rhino Fridays..)
“Rhino have a lot more personality and character than most people generally assume. They are inquisitive, playful and even show a sense of humour. As for intelligence, they have it when they need it but don’t waste energy on writing theses or showing off their intellectual prowess. Unlike elephant, rhino ‘don’t do’ the whole emotional angst thing".

Don’t believe me? Spend a day with these incredible creatures and you will never think of rhino in the same way again...read more

The Endangered Wildlife Trust once again hosted a very successful training intervention for various stakeholders on wildlife trade and relevant legislation during the week of 01 – 05 July 2013.....read more

The Endangered Wildlife Trust was invited by TRAFFIC South East Asia (TSEA) to Vietnam to co-present at a workshop on the state of illegal trade in rhino horn....read more

VIETNAM (Rynette Coetzee)
The Endangered Wildlife Trust is working very closely with NGOs in Vietnam to raise awareness amongst the people of Vietnam on the plight of our rhinos and the effects of the illegal rhino horn trade on the rhinos....read more

International Rhino Day: Waterkloof Air Force Base gets creative!
The rhino poaching crisis is a sensitive issue for the members of the Air Force Base Waterkloof in Pretoria, who not only have pilots on active duty in the Kruger National Park, but also the Ditholo Training Area is a satellite unit of Air Force Base. The Ditholo Training Area forms part of Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, situated in the Hammanskraal Area. Research and experience has shown that, if a community is involved in anti-poaching projects, these projects are more successful. That is one of the reasons that the Air Force Base Waterkloof’s International Rhino Day Initiative involved the local community from Hammanskraal, role players of the Dinokeng Game Reserve, as well as local schools.
On September 19, in honour of International Rhino Day, the Base held an inter-squadron competition to decorate rhino statues....read more

Fundraisers, large and small
So many individuals, organisations and schools have raised money for the EWT Rhino Project that it is impossible to acknowledge you all...so to mention a few..

Little people raise big money
Meeting Little Rhino Champions: Rynette Coetzee
It is so exciting meeting people who are excited about helping save the Rhinos and even more so when they are nursery school pupils who all look like little angels....read more

More learners put their hands up for rhinos
Kiara Richards: An animal lover since she can remember, Kiara chose to dedicate her stall at the Maragon School’s Market Day (where the learners run their own businesses for a day) to “Save the Rhino” and she raised R1056.65 for the EWT Rhino Project – thank you Kiara for your thoughtful kindness!

Casper John Venter and Marco Sha Sha once again rallied for rhinos with their annual Run for Rhinos event which raised R4500! These boys have both been awarded News Makers of the Year by the Makhado Chamber of Business – well deserved accolade guys!

Anne Rimbault is a potter working in Bordeaux, Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied at the Johannesburg Art College in the 1970's and has worked with clay ever since. She has run a teaching studio for over 30 years. Her dinnerware, specifically her range of tagines, is well known and highly sought after. This Rhino inspired ceramic is part of the "All Fired up for Rhinos" collection, a culmination of 3 years’ work. Each piece was individually made by Anne and is unique. Through donating 33% of all sales in this range to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Anne raised R30 675 for the Rhino Project. A sincere thanks Anne!

Installation at the Anne Rimbault Collection:


Rainprop celebrated their 10 year partnership with the DTI with a glittering function at the Stone Cradle, near Rietvlei Nature Reserve. To mark this momentous occasion, Rainprop donated a very generous R50 000 to the rhino project – Thank you!!



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