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  • Nationalഀ Biodiversity & Business Indaba – programme attached
  • National events, publications & news

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Otherഀ News

The DEA-NBBN publication entitled “Overview of currentഀ approaches and practices of South African businesses to the mainstreamingഀ of biodiversity: a preliminary baseline assessment” can be downloadedഀ by clicking here.




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Welcome to the September 2017 issue of theഀ National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) newsletter

To distribute anyഀ biodiversity and business relevant information to the network in the nextഀ newsletter, please forward the information to Shelley Lizzio (shelleyl@ewt.org.za) byഀ the 21 October 2017.


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2017ഀ NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY &ഀ BUSINESS INDABAcid:image002.jpg@01D27B90.4838BA30

Theme:ഀ Biodiversity for Better Business

24 &ഀ 25 October 2017

Hatch, 58ഀ Emerald Parkway Rd, Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg, South Africa

We are pleased toഀ present the draft programme for the 2017 National Biodiversity andഀ Business Indaba ATTACHED to this email. Please note thatഀ seats are limited, so get your registration in ASAP!

REGISTRATION:ഀ Submit your registration ASAP by filling in the attachedഀ registration document and sending to Shelley Lizzio at shelleyl@ewt.org.za. Registrationഀ closes on 20 October.


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2017 Indaba Registration Fee


Early bird (by end September)

Normal (from 1 October)

Per person



Per person +1*

R1200 (each)

R1600 (each)

One day only



*ഀ attendees who register with second person, who was not at last year’sഀ Indaba

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National events, publications & news

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2017 Symposium ofഀ Contemporary Conservation Practice,  6 to 10 November 2017, Howick,ഀ KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

This symposiumഀ offers a platform for the conservation community to share and exploreഀ issues and recent developments in the science and practice ofഀ conservation, and in understanding and communicating the value ofഀ biodiversity to society. Clickഀ herefor more information.

Advert:ഀ IUCN-SSA/BirdLife South Africa position: National Red List Programmeഀ Officer

The IUCN SSC &ഀ BirdLife South Africa are looking for a dynamic person to fill theഀ position of National Red List Programme Officer. For more informationഀ please contact isabel.human@birdlife.org.za. Closing date for applications is 29ഀ September 2017.


 International events, publications &ഀ news

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Earliest-ever Earthഀ Overshoot Day highlights need for sustainable living solutions

August 2 markedഀ Earth Overshoot Day, the date our demand on nature exceeds our planet’sഀ annual renewal capacity. This year is the earliest occurrence of Earthഀ Overshoot Day yet. The Global Footprint Network is working with 30ഀ partners to #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day to later in the year.ഀ Learn how you can help this effort by calculating your ecologicalഀ footprint and exploring the systemic solutions available around cities,ഀ food, energy and population. To learn more click here.


UNEP-WCMC and IIEDഀ Launch Biodiversity Mainstreaming Toolkit

The UN Environmentഀ Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) and theഀ International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) haveഀ launched a toolkit to help countries integrate biodiversity intoഀ development policies and planning strategies. The toolkit aims to enhanceഀ understanding of the mainstreaming process; select, analyse and presentഀ evidence on the links between biodiversity and national developmentഀ priorities; and identify approaches that have been successful in Africa. Click here.

ESP9 Worldഀ Conference in Shenzhen, China from 11-15 December 2017

Registration for theഀ Ecosystem Services Partnership has opened and is possible until 26ഀ November. For more information click here.

Business Reportingഀ on the SDGs: An Analysis of the Goals and Targets

Looking to reportഀ your business impact on the United Nations SDGs and be part of the globalഀ movement to build a better, greener and more inclusive world? GRI (Globalഀ Reporting Initiative) and UN Global Compact’s new publication, releasedഀ on 21 September, lays out the first steps to get started. Click here.


2017 World Forum on Naturalഀ Capital

Bookings are now open for the 2017ഀ World Forum on Natural Capital. Policy-makers and senior decision-makersഀ from business, finance, government and civil society are expected toഀ descend on the capital of Scotland, to engage in two days of dynamic andഀ interactive parallel sessions and networking. For more information click here.

Business, biodiversityഀ & natural capital – Ambitions, risks & opportunities

The EU B@B Platform of the Europeanഀ Commission and the Global Nature Fund (GNF) are joining forces inഀ tackling the challenge for businesses in integrating biodiversity andഀ natural capital. Two conferences under the common motto “Business,ഀ biodiversity & natural capital | Ambitions, risks & opportunities”ഀ will bring frontrunners and newcomers together with leading scientists,ഀ government officials and nature conservation organisations inഀ Frankfurt/Main on 4th and 5th October 2017. Clickഀ here.

GRI Standard 303: Water –ഀ now under review

Are you an expert on water-relatedഀ impacts, or do you have experience reporting on the topic? Help the GRIഀ advance corporate reporting on these impacts. Take a look at the proposedഀ changes to GRI Standard 303, and visit the GRI’s public consultationഀ platform to give them your feedback. For more information click here.


BRICS Commit to Cooperateഀ on SDGs

Brazil, Russia, India, China and Southഀ Africa (BRICS) adopted the ‘BRICS Leaders’ Xiamen Declaration,’ഀ reaffirming their commitment to fully implementing the 2030 Agenda forഀ Sustainable Development, committing to enhance BRICS cooperation onഀ climate change and expand green financing, and agreeing “to take concreteഀ actions to advance result-oriented cooperation in such areas asഀ prevention of air and water pollution, waste management and biodiversityഀ conservation,” among others. Click here.



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