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Otherഀ News

The DEA-NBBN publication entitled “Overview of currentഀ approaches and practices of South African businesses to the mainstreamingഀ of biodiversity: a preliminary baseline assessment” can be downloadedഀ by clicking here.




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Welcome to the October 2017 issue of theഀ National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) newsletter

To distribute anyഀ biodiversity and business relevant information to the network in the nextഀ newsletter, please forward the information to Shelley Lizzio (shelleyl@ewt.org.za) byഀ the 17 November 2017.


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2017ഀ NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY &ഀ BUSINESS INDABAcid:image002.jpg@01D27B90.4838BA30

Theme:ഀ Biodiversity for Better Business

24 & 25ഀ October 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you to all theഀ sponsors, presenters and delegates of the 2017 National Biodiversity andഀ Business Indaba for a successful two days! Presentations and proceedingsഀ from the event will be made available as soon as possible.

We look forward to hostingഀ you at our 2018 event!


Thisഀ event was proudly brought to you by:


National events, publications & news

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2017 Symposium ofഀ Contemporary Conservation Practice,  6 to 10 November 2017, Howick,ഀ KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

This symposiumഀ offers a platform for the conservation community to share and exploreഀ issues and recent developments in the science and practice ofഀ conservation, and in understanding and communicating the value ofഀ biodiversity to society. Clickഀ herefor more information.

Woodlands Dairyഀ achieves 100% FSC logo on their products

Woodlands Dairy aഀ local, Eastern Cape processor of farm fresh milk, who produce and packageഀ high quality dairy products has achieved 100% FSC logo on package. Toഀ read more click here.

Technical guidelinesഀ for CBA maps launched

Over the pastഀ decade, South Africa has developed maps of Critical Biodiversity Areasഀ (CBAs) and Ecological Support Areas (ESAs) for all parts of the country.ഀ These CBA Maps identify a set of biodiversity priority areas to informഀ planning, action and decision-making in support of sustainableഀ development. Each of South Africa's nine provinces has a map of CBAs andഀ ESAs, which represent spatial priorities for the terrestrial environmentഀ as well as freshwater ecosystems (rivers and wetlands). These maps areഀ accompanied by guidelines on the types of land uses and other activitiesഀ that are compatible with retaining CBAs and ESAs in suitable ecologicalഀ condition. To read more click here.

Woolworths,ഀ Avery-Dennison and Rotolabel have jointly put the Forest Stewardshipഀ Council (FSC) seal of approval on labelling material.

Marking an Africanഀ first, stakeholders in the sustainability chain have come together toഀ help retailers, brand owners and consumers fulfil their preferences forഀ choosing paper products – in this case paper-based pressure-sensitiveഀ label stock – sourced from responsibly managed forests. To read more click here.

 International events, publications &ഀ news

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The Europeanഀ Commission has reiterated the importance of recognisingഀ biodiversity-related information in its recent guidelines onഀ non-financial reporting.

These guidelines aimഀ to develop a principle-based methodology relevant to companies across allഀ economic sectors which helps them to disclose relevant, useful andഀ comparable non-financial information. In this communication, theഀ Commission takes into account best practices, relevant developments andഀ the results of related initiatives, both within the EU and atഀ international level. To download the guidelines click here.

UNEP is offering aഀ FREE, two-part, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called Introduction toഀ Resilience for Development. The course is designed forഀ policymakers and practitioners working in the sustainable development andഀ conservation planning sectors, but is open to anyone.

Part 1:ഀ Understanding Resilience Thinking runs from 31 Oct. to 27 Nov. 2017.

Part 2: Applyingഀ Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity and Development Plans runsഀ from 23 Jan. to 13 Feb. 2018. To register click here.

Key insights onഀ circular water management solutions

The World Businessഀ Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released eight deep-dive caseഀ studies on circular water management, designed to help companiesഀ implement water reuse through WBCSD’s Business Guide to Circular Waterഀ Management. To read more click here.

ESP9 Worldഀ Conference in Shenzhen, China from 11-15 December 2017

Registration for theഀ Ecosystem Services Partnership has opened and is possible until 26ഀ November. For more information click here.

Pilot study: Naturalഀ Capital Assessment for trenchless Pipe Laying

In two pilot studiesഀ the Global Nature Fund (GNF) and its project partners have gained initialഀ experience in carrying out natural capital assessments. This first pilotഀ study describes the procedure for assessing natural capital forഀ trenchless pipeline construction. Click here to read more.


2017 World Forum on Naturalഀ Capital

Bookings are now open for the 2017ഀ World Forum on Natural Capital, 27ഀ – 28 November. Policy-makers and senior decision-makers from business,ഀ finance, government and civil society are expected to descend on theഀ capital of Scotland, to engage in two days of dynamic and interactiveഀ parallel sessions and networking. For more information click here.

Private capital for natureഀ conservation: Could impact investments be a solution?

The Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerdeഀ and the Global Nature Fund analysed the design and impact of impactഀ investments in the means of the protection of biodiversity. To this end,ഀ five existing impact investments in Latin America were examined for theirഀ ecological and social impact as well as the associated risks, returns,ഀ impact measurement and other aspects by means of local case studies. Toഀ read more click here.

Business reporting on theഀ SDGs.

UN Global Compact, the Global Reportingഀ Initiative (GRI) and PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) have launched a reportഀ that introduces an innovative mechanism intended to simplify reporting byഀ businesses on their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goalsഀ (SDGs). The report titled, ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs: An Analysisഀ of the Goals and Targets,’ takes the first step towards a harmonized setഀ of indicators and methodology and common standard for corporate reportingഀ on SDG progress. Click here.



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