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Other News

The DEA-NBBN publication entitled “Overview of current approaches and practices of South African businesses to the mainstreaming of biodiversity: a preliminary baseline assessment” can be downloaded by clicking here.


Detailed proceedings of the 2015 National Biodiversity and Business Indaba are available for download click here.



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Welcome to the June 2016 issue of the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) newsletter

To distribute any biodiversity and business relevant information to the network in the next newsletter, please forward the information to Michael ( by the 25th

July 2016.





The NBBN Presents:


The 2016 National Biodiversity & Business Indaba


25th & 26th October 2016


Building on the success of the NBBN’s inaugural Indaba in 2015, we are pleased to announce the dates for the second annual National Biodiversity and Business Network Indaba, to be held at Hatch Africa’s new head offices in Johannesburg on the 25th and 26th of October, 2016. The aim of the Indaba is to provide a dynamic platform to enable a collective discussion to improve the mainstreaming of biodiversity considerations into business in Africa.


2015 Indaba attendees included forward-looking CEOs, financial, sustainability and risk managers, corporate social responsibility directors, environmental economists and consultants, leading academics, professional advisors, sustainability leaders, natural capital experts, government officials, financiers and other influencers.


Business success is inextricably linked to the wellbeing and sustainable use of our natural resources, including water, wildlife, soil and flora. The growing scarcity of these natural resources impacts on value chains and complicates operations by making forecasting fairly unpredictable, particularly in sectors that are product driven (agriculture, health and retail) and those who invest in development (manufacturing, infrastructure and financial services).


To remain competitive in today’s changing economic, social and environmental climates the management of natural capital has to become an essential component of businesses formal risk management and governance processes. By taking a pro-active and collaborative approach, business will also be able to identify opportunities related to the management of natural resources.


Large, medium and small businesses should attend the Indaba as a proactive step towards furthering their understanding of the risks and opportunities that biodiversity presents to their bottom line and learning about how best to respond to them so as to remain competitive in our fast-changing world.


Date: 24th and 25th October 2016


Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa


RSVP: Please save the date above, an official invitation will be extended in the coming weeks. For further information please do contact:







The NBBN in partnership with the IUCN and De Beers presents:


10th August 2016

Date: Wednesday 10th August 2016

Time: Morning session (times to be confirmed)

Venue: De Beers Corporate Headquarters, Cornerstone Building, corner of Crownwood Road & Diamond Drive, Crown Mines, Johannesburg.

Please RSVP for catering purposes as seats are limited, by sending an email to Michael Adams,, by the 1st August 2016.

Keep your eyes open for a follow-up email in which the detailed programme for the event will be shared.


Past newsletter


In case you missed last month’s newsletter, please find an online version here.


Recent news & reminders

IPIECA – The Global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues – have developed the Water Risk Assessment e-learning training course, which aims to improve uptake and implementation whilst helping companies effectively, efficiently and easily monitor, access and manage water risks. 


Reviews and Reports


IUCN Global Business and Biodiversity Programme - Valuing nature, delivering biodiversity net gain and investing in nature: during 2015, the IUCN worked on a range of projects seeking to achieve these goals. Engaging with the business community on the Natural Capital Protocol, which aims to establish a true valuation of the benefits of nature, and working with Hugo Boss to assess biodiversity risks and opportunities. These are just some of the initiatives in Highlights 2015. To download a full copy of the report, please click here.

UNODC launches its inaugural World Wildlife Crime Report during the 2016 Crime Commission. Photo: UNODC

May, 2016 - UNODC launched its inaugural World Wildlife Crime Report, highlighting how the poaching and illegal trade of thousands of different species across the globe not only present real environmental dangers but ultimately undermine the rule of law by potentially fuelling conflict. The report also urges shared responsibility in tackling this crime given how products made from illicit flora and fauna such as fashion items, furniture, food, and pets, may be hidden in plain sight. View the full report here.


Upcoming national and regional events


Cambridge Sustainability Practitioner Seminar 14 – 17 August 2016, Intundla Game Lodge, Gauteng. This seminar is designed for managers in organisations from the private or public sector to equip them with a high-level understanding of sustainability. The seminar will give participants exposure to the critical social and environmental pressures, assessing their impact on organisations, developing systems for responding creatively to them, and how to integrate these systems into their organisation’s operations and strategy. For more information and the application form please visit the website.


51st Annual Congress of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa, 3-8th July 2016: The Annual Congress will be hosted by the Western Cape Province at the Wilderness Hotel Resort and Spa, Wilderness, situated 10 km from George and 23 km from George Airport (airport shuttle will be available). The event will also include a Research Skills Workshop and an Invasive Species Workshop. More details here.


Earth Expo 2016 Montecasino, Fourways, 11-14th August. The Earth Expo aims to educate and inspire sustainable living. The exhibition will showcase a diverse range of products and services to encourage visitors to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives. There will also be a number of informative workshops hosted by experts that will cover a broad range of sustainability topics. Visit the website here for more details.


Sustainable Development Goals

20 January 2017, Cape Town - Forum on Sustainable Development Data (World Data Forum). the UN World Forum on Sustainable Development Data (World Data Forum) is intended to serve as a platform for intensifying cooperation on data for sustainable development with multiple stakeholders, including information technology professionals, geospatial information managers, data scientists, data users, and members from civil society.


The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) will host the African ESP Conference (21-25th November 2016) in Kenya. They are currently open for session  proposals related to 'Ecosystem Services for SDGs in Africa'. Proposals should be submitted before 31st May. Should you wish to become an active supporter of the African Ecosystem Services Conference 2016: Please check the sponsorship page for more information.

 International events, publications and news

Natural Capital Coalition logo

Natural Capital Coalition Protocol and Sector Guides Launch, 13th July 2016. The Natural Capital Protocol is an exciting development for business to lead the way in maintaining our natural environment. This one-day event celebrates the culmination of a unique project, which has brought together organisations from across the economy to create something for the common good. For more information click here.

To be held on the 5-6th of October 2016 in Madrid, Spain, the Natural Capital Summit is an event that aims to introduce the natural capital concept and the opportunities associated with its integration in the organisational structure, as well as showing different international initiatives and study cases which are being developed worldwide by a wide range of organisations from different sectors. For further information visit the website.

The Dutch Platform for Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (BEE) is delighted to announce the international conference, Natural Capital: Let's talk business! The conference will be held 23-25 November 2016 at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. The conference will allow participants to exchange experiences with business leaders, from CEOs to start-ups, as well as attend workshops, exhibitions and networking events. More details here.

Business & Climate Summit logo

The Business & Climate Summit, London, 28–29 June 2016. This two-day event will bring together leaders from business, government and finance to deliver real climate action. Building on last year’s event which boasted some of the worlds most influential CEOs and policymakers, the Summit will set out a roadmap for how business can take advantage of a swift transition to the net zero carbon economy. More information here.



The World Conservation Congress 2016, September 2016. Every four years, the IUCN World Conservation Congress brings together thousands of decision-makers from government, civil society, business and academia. 'Planet at the crossroads' is the theme of the next Congress, which will be held in Hawaii, and a public forum will take place from 2-5th September. For more information click here.

21-22 September 2016, New York - International Conference on Sustainable Development. The 4th annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD), themed ‘Moving Forward: The SDGs in Practice,' will bring together members of the research, policy, practice and business communities to share practical solutions for achieving the SDG’s at local and national levels. For more information please click here.


24th September to 5th October 2016, Johannesburg. CITES CoP17 venue and dates for 2016 in South Africa. CITES announced the world wildlife conference in Johannesburg in 2016 which aims to bring the global community together to tackle the world's biggest wildlife challenges and opportunities. For further information click here.



4 – 17th December 2016, Mexico. 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Biological Diversity. The 13th meeting of the COP to the CBD the 8th meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (COP-MOP 8), and the 2nd meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing (COP-MOP 2), will be held back-to-back in Mexico. More information here.



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