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In this issueഀ

·        ഀ Ongoing highlights from the 2015ഀ National Biodiversity and Business Indaba

·        ഀ National events

·        ഀ International events, publicationsഀ and news


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Other News

Detailed proceedingsഀ of the 2015 National Biodiversity and Business Indaba are availableഀ for download clickഀ here!

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Welcome to theഀ July 2015 issue of the National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN)ഀ newsletter

To distribute anyഀ biodiversity and business relevant information to the network in the nextഀ newsletter, please forward the information to myself (shelleyl@ewt.org.za)ഀ before 14 August 2015.

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Ongoing Highlightsഀ from the 2015 National Biodiversity and Business Indaba


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DAY 1: Theഀ business case for mainstreaming biodiversity into business


Dr Marie Parramon-Gurney, Regional Technical Coordinator,ഀ Business, Economics and Biodiversity at the IUCN; Warwick Mostert,ഀ Biodiversity Manager at De Beers, Justin Smith, Head of Sustainability atഀ Woolworths, Andre Nel, Manager Sustainable Development at Pick n Pay,ഀ Karin Ireton, private consultant and Chantal Ramcharan-Kotze, Head:ഀ Marketing and Stakeholder Management at GreenMatter.


1.    ഀ Mainstreaming means embeddingഀ biodiversity considerations into the DNA of business and government.

2.    ഀ We need to simplify biodiversityഀ messages so that they speak to all stakeholders.

3.    ഀ It is really important for businessഀ is to get the right partners in place to help guide the biodiversityഀ strategy.

4.    ഀ Good leadership plays an importantഀ role in the way a company deals with biodiversity.

5.    ഀ Business needs the law toഀ be clear, predictable, unequivocal and implementable.


 Nationalഀ events

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Entries are nowഀ open for the Eco-Logic Awards 2015 which recognise South Africa’sഀ environmental champions and reward outstanding achievements. This year aഀ new category will be included: Business Green. Entries close 31 Julyഀ 2015. For more information click here.

Invitation toഀ apply for a training course on Green Jobs in Natural Resources, 7-11ഀ September 2015. The Green Fund, in partnership with the Internationalഀ Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO) isഀ implementing a fully sponsored two-year training programme to promoteഀ green jobs and decent work in the transition to a greener economy inഀ South Africa. To attend complete the application form by 18 August 2015 to Sandra Setlhoke, at sandras@dbsa.org.


Cambridgeഀ Sustainability Practitioner Programme 16-19 August 2015,ഀ Intundla Game Lodge, Gauteng. Sustainability is no longer simply aഀ bolt-on to a ‘business-as-usual’ approach, but is something that mustഀ become deeply embedded in the day-to-day operations of all organisations.ഀ This seminar is designed for managers in organisations from the privateഀ or public sector to equip them with a high-level understanding ofഀ sustainability. For more information clickഀ here.

De Beers’ഀ Sustainability Conference 2015 is to be held at the Deഀ Beers Corporate Headquarters in Johannesburg 28-29 October 2015.ഀ The event is open to business leaders, sustainability practitioners, andഀ all persons with interests related to sustainability. For more information. Send the attendance form toഀ Sharon Maree at Sharon.maree@debeersgroup.comഀ by 16 September 2015.


Internationalഀ events, publications and news

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The Worldഀ Conservation Congress 2016 issues a call for contributions. Everyഀ four years, the IUCN World Conservation Congress brings togetherഀ thousands of decision-makers from government, civil society, business andഀ academia.  "Planet at the crossroads" is the theme of theഀ next Congress, which will be held in Hawai'i, and a public Forum willഀ take place from 2-5 September. If your organisation would like to host anഀ event, please reply to the call for contributions by 15 October. For moreഀ information clickഀ here.


SUSTAIN Africaഀ scales up outreach to business. IUCN is working withഀ local, national and international partners to demonstrate the benefits ofഀ sustainably managed natural resources in designated “growth corridors” inഀ Tanzania and Mozambique. SUSTAIN Africa aims to support the developmentഀ of improved and diversified farm, forest and wetland production thatഀ links local communities to new business opportunities, fostering greenഀ growth throughout the corridor. To read more clickഀ here.


IUCN and Marriott:ഀ Preserving nature together. IUCN and Marriott Hotelsഀ & Resorts Thailand, in collaboration with the Mangroves for theഀ Future programme, are working together to improve the company’s impact onഀ local communities and the environment. Each hotel has been raising fundsഀ to support mangrove replanting at degraded sites around Thailand. Inഀ addition, through examining its own supply chains, the company is nowഀ purchasing sustainable seafood and souvenirs from the local communities.ഀ To read more clickഀ here.


Mobilisingഀ resources for biodiversity conservation. Followingഀ the CBD COP12 held in the Republic of Korea last year, the Missionഀ Economie de la Biodiversité of the Caisse des Dépôts’s group in Franceഀ has prepared a special issue of BIODIV’2050. The publication looks at theഀ private sector’s challenges and contributions to mobilise resources forഀ biodiversity conservation within the framework of the convention. To readഀ more clickഀ here.


In Good Companyഀ 2015 is the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) International’sഀ annual global platform to engage with leading companies, brands andഀ international NGOs working strategically with Corporate Social Responsibilityഀ (CSR), sustainability and FSC. The event will take place in Durban, Southഀ Africa from 3-5 September 2015. For more information click here..


The XIV World Forestryഀ Congress, 7-11 September 2015, to be held in Durban, South Africa,ഀ will bring together the global forestry community to review and analyseഀ the key issues and to share ways of addressing them. For more informationഀ clickഀ here.

The Pan-Africanഀ Business and Biodiversity Forum will take place 9th-10th October 2015 inഀ Accra, Ghana. This landmark forum aims to promote increasedഀ sustainability within Africa’s development agenda through mainstreamingഀ of natural capital, and improved business-civil society cooperation. Forഀ more information clickഀ here.


The 8th Worldഀ Ecosystem Services Partnership conference will be held in South Africaഀ from 9-13 November 2015. The central theme isഀ ‘Ecosystem Services for Nature, People and Prosperity’. The conferenceഀ will pay special attention to the public and private sector dialogue onഀ how the ecosystem services concept can be used to support conservation,ഀ improve livelihoods and engage the business community. For moreഀ information clickഀ here.


The 2015ഀ Convention for Biological Diversity Business and Biodiversity Forum:ഀ Practices, Solutions and the Way Forward (which will also encompassഀ the 5th Meeting of the Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity)ഀ will take place from 11-12 November 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Forഀ further information clickഀ here.


The next Worldഀ Forum on Natural Capital will be held on 23-24 November 2015 inഀ Edinburgh. For more information clickഀ here.

Land degradationഀ neutrality is likely to become a global targetഀ through the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) led COP12 andഀ the Sustainable Development Goals to be adopted later this year. Theഀ World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) new Issueഀ Brief for Business on Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) clarifies whatഀ the LDN target means for business and how each company can contribute. Toഀ download this brief clickഀ here.


Oslo creates world's first 'highway' to protect endangeredഀ bees. Norway’s capital is creating a route filled with flowersഀ and ‘green roofs’ to protect endangered pollinators essential to foodഀ production. To read more clickഀ here.


New manual on tourism and biodiversity.ഀ The CBD together with partners, has published a manual which highlightsഀ the important role tourism plays for biodiversity and aims to improveഀ knowledge and materials to better integrate biodiversity into sustainableഀ tourism development. The manual is a reference tool for planners,ഀ developers, managers and decision makers involved with tourismഀ development and resource management in areas of sensitive biodiversity.ഀ To download the manual clickഀ here.



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