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The DEA-NBBN publication entitled “Overview of currentഀ approaches and practices of South African businesses to the mainstreamingഀ of biodiversity: a preliminary baseline assessment” can be downloadedഀ by clicking here.




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Welcome to the December 2017 issue of theഀ National Biodiversity and Business Network (NBBN) newsletter

To distribute anyഀ biodiversity and business relevant information to the network in the nextഀ newsletter, please forward the information to Shelley Lizzio (shelleyl@ewt.org.za) byഀ the 20 January 2017.


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DAY 1: Opening address from Msഀ Nosipho Ngcaba, Director General of the Department of Environmentalഀ Affairs

1.    ഀ The South Africanഀ Government recognises the role being played by South African businessesഀ in response to the impact that development is having on South Africa’sഀ great biodiversity assets.

2.     Governmentഀ welcomes both public and private sectors, seeking to partner to share theഀ responsibility for our current biodiversity, in terms of enhancing it,ഀ utilizing it and conserving it.

3.     Businessesഀ are starting to recognise that long-term sustainable development requiresഀ a strong case for integrating biodiversity considerations into coreഀ management systems.

4.     Manyഀ businesses now emphasize the urgent need to develop tools that supportഀ decision-making in relation to the links between the conservation ofഀ biodiversity and economic activity.

5.     Weഀ understand that biodiversity management is more about understanding andഀ managing social activities, therefore we need to make biodiversity forഀ better business a familiar concept since it relates to our day to dayഀ activities.

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National events, publications & news

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Enter yourഀ organisation or nominate another worthy eco-champion for an Eco-Logicഀ Award. The Eco-Logic Awards, hosted by The Enviropaedia,ഀ recognise and promote those individuals, organisations, products andഀ services that are helping to create a sustainable environment andഀ society. To read more clickഀ here

 International events, publications &ഀ news

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Energy-intensiveഀ Industries Emerge as Drivers of Renewable Energy Expansion.ഀ The private sector is becoming an increasingly important actor forഀ renewable energy expansion, not only as a customer of clean power, butഀ also as developer of renewable energy generation projects. Recentഀ announcements by technology companies and other energy-intensiveഀ industries provide examples of this trend. Clickഀ here to read more.



IUCN review protocolഀ for biodiversity net gain. The IUCN has published aഀ review protocol for biodiversity net gain. To download the document clickഀ here.


UN Partners withഀ Private Sector Actors to Advance SDGs. The UN isഀ partnering with a range of private sector stakeholders to help advanceഀ the SDGs, including an airline company in Nepal and a health and hygieneഀ company. The UN is also working to help leverage funding for the SDGs,ഀ including encouraging companies to increase "impact investing."ഀ Further, the UN Secretary-General has released a report on enhancedഀ cooperation with the UN and partners, particularly the private sector. Clickഀ here.


Global database onഀ biodiversity offset policies launched. The IUCN and Theഀ Biodiversity Consultancy have launched the first-ever global biodiversityഀ offset policy database. Preliminary analysis shows progress inഀ biodiversity-rich mining countries. To read more clickഀ here.


UN Environment,ഀ World Bank Issue Sustainable Finance Roadmap. Aഀ report from UN Environment and the World Bank Group finds thatഀ sustainable finance requires a strong commitment from business owners andഀ managers to make sustainability considerations a primary component inഀ strategy. It also highlights the relevance of incorporatingഀ sustainability targets into businesses' key performance indicators (KPIs)ഀ to ensure accountability. Clickഀ here.



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