One could feel despondent when confronted with the relentless threats facing our natural world: poaching, climate change, habitat destruction, pollution … the list seems endless. But there is hope. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), champion of conservation in Africa, has worked tirelessly for over 45 years to save wildlife and habitats, with our vision being a world in which both humans and wildlife prosper in harmony with nature. From the smallest frog, to the majestic rhino; from sweeping grasslands to arid drylands; from our shorelines to winding rivers: the EWT is working with you, to protect our world.

The EWT’s team of field-based specialists is spread across southern and East Africa, where committed conservation action is needed the most. Working with our partners, including businesses and governments, the EWT is at the forefront of conducting applied research, supporting community conservation and livelihoods, training and building capacity, addressing human wildlife conflict, monitoring threatened species and establishing safe spaces for wildlife range expansion.

A beacon of hope for Africa’s wildlife, landscapes and communities, the EWT is protecting forever, together.


The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), champion of conservation in Africa, has been calling for radical change in the captive African Lion industry in South Africa since before 2009. Our key concerns include: the welfare of the animals; the safety of visitors; a lack of transparency by the facilities; and the potential impacts on wild Lion populations (EWT Position Statement)....READ MORE


The 2018 Raptor Research Foundation conference will be hosted at the Nombulo Mdluli Conference Centre located in the Skukuza Rest Camp of the world-famous Kruger National Park, South Africa. Apart from being home to the Big Five and a host of other iconic African mammal species, the park is also renowned for its avian diversity with more than 550 species having been recorded there. The list includes 43 diurnal raptor, 8 vulture and 10 owl species, many of which occur in substantial populations.....READ MORE

Mass poisoning incident affects over 100 Critically Endangered vultures

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), champion of conservation in Africa, is deeply saddened to report another mass poisoning of vultures in southern Africa. On 25 February 2018, EWT vulture expert, Andre Botha, assisted at a harrowing scene in the Mbashene communal area in southern Mozambique, where the deliberate poisoning of an elephant carcass affected at least 104 Critically Endangered vultures......READ MORE

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