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Lauren Smith

Cavalli Estate is borne from a family's commitment to conserving the Cape Floral Kingdom. Lauren Smith acts as ambassador for the Estate. With a degree in Architecture from UH Texas, Lauren's design vision was to develop the site in a way that paid homage to its position within the Cape floral Kingdom. All architecture is designed with sustainability in mind and to be passively viable. The public building which comprises a restaurant, art gallery, wine tasting and boutique is a pilot project with the Green Building council of South Africa to be the first Green Star rated restaurant in the country. Vast tracts of the land were rehabilitated with a commitment to planting indigenous along with conserving an existing area of critically endangered rhenosterveld. Post establishment of the habitat, as many as 67 species of bird have returned to the area, the estate thrives with a diversity of wildlife.

Cavalli Estate supports the work of EWT in that it is entirely synchronistic with our fundamental philosophy of conserving and protecting our natural heritage. The Blue Crane project is particularly of interest in that the estate is home to a breeding pair of Blue Cranes that have made the estate their home for the last 5 years and seen several offspring to adulthood.