World's first LED anti-collision devices to save night flying birds

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife & Energy Programme (EWT-WEP), in partnership with Eskom and Preformed Line Products, broke new ground near Kroonstad by installing the world’s first nocturnal light emitting diode (LED) mitigation device....READ MORE

Mail and Guardian’s Greening the Future Awards

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is proud to announce that its Rhino Project has won the Rhino Rescue Award Category of the Mail and Guardian’s Greening the Future Awards...READ MORE

Bring an end to Extinction - Advertise in the Environment magazine, the first ever multi-NGO environmental publication.

The magazine was a triumph for NGO collaboration, resource sharing, mutual support and extending the wingspan of each individual partner to reach a wider audience with news and views on their scope of work...READ MORE

World Population Day

Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) will be reflecting upon the links between human population growth and the impacts that this has on our environment, and how declining environmental health affects marginalised and poor communities the most....READ MORE