Destroy your environment, destroy yourself

The EWT is launching a national multi-phased integrated TV, radio, outdoor, and digital campaign entitled "destroy your environment, destroy yourself". The campaign will be on BET international, channel 135 on DSTV at 11AM and will run until 31 December 2014....READ MORE

EWT Integrated Report 2013-2014

The EWT has clearly defined Strategic Plan and undergoing regular reviews to ensure relevance and value. Our Conservation Strategy has been consistently refined with measureable targets and indicators to enable reporting that is meaningful and which allows us to produce this fully integrated report...READ MORE

Extinction threatens East Africa's Last viable Dugong population

Dugongs inspired the ancient seafaring myth of mermaids– but sadly these elusive marine mammals are in danger of extinction within our lifetime...READ MORE.... project page...LINK

The Kruger National Park 6th Wild Dog and 4th Cheetah Photographic Census

The Kruger National Park receives nearly one million visitors per year, most of whom carry cameras. This means that photographs obtained from tourists can be used to identify individual Cheetahs and Wild Dogs and thus provide a population estimate....READ MORE...project page ..LINK